US in 3rd Coronavirus Surge as Infections Spike

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The United States is in the midst of a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, with case numbers spiking in several states and the overall numbers showing an upward trend.

The New York Times noted that the Midwest and West are experiencing the biggest spike, although the number of COVID-19 cases is going up in many other parts of the country.

Ohio, for example, currently has more people hospitalized with the virus than at any other time during the pandemic, which started earlier this year. North Dakota has the most cases per capita. Sixteen states saw more new cases over the last week than they did at any other point this year.

According to WorldoMeter, the seven-day moving average of new cases in the U.S. has been ticking up for several weeks. The numbers could soon surpass the highest one-day tally of new cases, just under 79,000 on July 24. On Tuesday, the seven-day average was slightly under 61,000.

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  1. Case numbers go up only in cities or neighborhoods where they need to make lockdowns to capture some elite criminals still on the loose. In these cities they want people to take tests so that they can officially claim infection surge. In reality, these tests don’t even go through a lab. What happens is that curious people take tests to see if they’re positive or negative or the mayor or governor forces them to take a test. When they arrive they write their names down and SS. If they’re not feeling well, the nurse remarks next to the name not feeling well. So they can for sure be counted as positive. But they need more than these few, so they just randomly pick positives to be able to make lockdowns. All the blood tests are dumped without even being examined.

    (The CDC themselves said that Covid-19 tests don’t exist. ) How many stories have read or heard from people who were called that they were tested positive when they never even took a test because the lines were too long? And what about the one who overheard the secretary ask her co-workers, what’s today positive or negative and got the reply, in the morning positive, in the afternoon negative. You have to be a fool or in a deep slumber not to see it.

    The surge is going up now because they want to have the criminal leaders and high-ranking criminal officials arrested before elections. After elections it’ll all go down.

      • When will you and you (the one below you if it’s not you too) get out of your cave or caves? You people are dumb with 0% of logical thinking. You’re so used to being spoonfed from fake news, you don’t even realize they’re all nonsense. Get yourself an “honest doctor” and tell him/her to tell you the truth about the tests results, lockdowns and Biden and then to give you medication to stay sane after the shock.

        And by the way, I believe next year after the completion of coronavirusing the elites, fake news will be coronavirused too. Time to wake up the world. Enough is enough.

      • Look at this. A person overheard the secretary’s conversation but you still would believe the political narishkeit. People know what’s happening in medical offices and you would still trust their bobkess results. 25% of yeshiva boys in Israel got positive results on Motzei Yom Kippur when they were jsut tested 2 weeks earlier and got negative, were still quarantined for 2 weeks beforehand and every one of them davened in capsulot and on Yom Kippur everything is closed in Israel and they still got positive on Motzei Yom Kippur. You have to be a first-class retard to believe it. I’m wondering seriously. Don’t you realize it’s all politics? Don’t you realize there’s a major happening in the world other than the coroney baloney? WAKE UP SIR!

  2. THE CDC THEMSELVES SAID THERE ARE NO COVID TESTS. Do you guys know better than them? And you wonder why so many boys have problems understanding Gemara. Like parents, so their children. They just don’t use their heads.

    • Or how about this one?
      “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”
      Dachtzich mir, this quote is from Dale Carnegie.
      Just take your flu shot and you’ll beat the system and live forever. What’s not to like?


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