US Jewish Leaders Visit Saudi Arabia To Advance Israel Normalization

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A group of about 20 US Jewish leaders visited Saudi Arabia recently to advance normalization with Israel, with one member of the delegation saying that Riyadh is ready to join the Abraham Accords soon, Ynet reports.

The group visited Riyadh at the invitation of the Saudis and with the blessing of the Biden administration, according to the report.

They met with senior officials, including at least six government ministers and members of the House of Saud ruling royal family.

Jewish-American businessman Phil Rosen, a member of the delegation who is a personal friend of former Israeli prime minister and Likud opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the Kingdom could join the Abraham Accords soon.

“The Saudis are preparing their citizens for normalization with Israel,” Rosen said. “They see Israel as a regional power and admire its ability defend itself.”

Added Rosen: “I would not be surprised if we see normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel in the coming months or year.”

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