Verrazzano Bridge Is Headed For Two-way Tolling

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Top city pols backed switching the Verrazzano Bridge to two-way tolling Sunday as a way to cut down on congestion on Staten Island and in southern Brooklyn.

The proposal — backed by top members of the city’s Albany and Washington delegations — would cut the current tolls in half, but charge drivers both ways.

Supporters say that will stop New Jersey commuters from avoiding tolls as they drive towards Manhattan and Brooklyn, reducing traffic on the island and generating badly needed cash for the MTA.

“Split tolling will have three advantages,” said MTA chairman Pat Foye. “One: it will reduce congestion and create better air quality. Two: truckers will be paying their fair share, which will generate revenue and fund investments. And three: create jobs on Staten Island.”

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  1. What gullible fools. This is only a ruse to raise the rates again and again and again. Now at $8.50 each way, when they raise it to $10 each way ($20 round trip) the worthless taxpayers will say, oh that’s not so bad. Cuomo is laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. This actually is a good idea. The reason it transitioned to a one-way toll years ago was to stop long lines of Brooklyn-bound cars waiting to pay their toll from pumping out huge amounts of air pollution on Staten Island. Now that toll booths are a thing of the past on the Verrazano, it makes sense to toll each way. This will also even out the traffic patterns that are currently distorted by drivers seeking to avoid tolls.

  3. Please explain. If the tolls each way will be exactly half of what it is today:
    How can the result be less traffic and more money?
    Either more traffic and more money, or less traffic and less money…

  4. “Split tolling will have three advantages,”
    No, it will have 4 advantages; the first 3 listed above and the 4th, It’s easier to raise the rate from $8.50 to $10, $12 or even $15 each way than it is to raise the $17 toll to $20 or $25 for one way. These crooked Democrat politicians really know how to steal your money. Keep voting DemocRAT New Yorkers. Idiots.

  5. You can forget about me shlepping to Lakewood for a Chasuna. The cost of travelling, between the Verrazzano, Outerbridge/Gothells, & GSP is simply not worth it. For us Brooklynite’s there ARE takana halls now in Brooklyn. Good bye Lakewood.

  6. I don’t understand. It costs the same to take the Goethals and outerbridge as it does the Lincoln, Holland and GW bridge. What are the commuters saving if they are going to Manhattan?

  7. All these taxes and tolls demanded by a “blue” democratic state which supposedly is there to serve and assist the poor, needy and minorities….


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