Video: Blatantly Anti-Semitic Exchange on C-Span

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scheuer[Disturbing video below.] A caller on a C-Span interview program last Monday complained about “all these Jews” having “way too much power” in America and pushing the U.S. into wars with the Muslim world. He found his comments echoed and expanded upon by the studio guest.Michael Scheuer, the former director of a CIA unit assigned to track down Osama Bin-Laden, calmly expressed the view that American soldiers are now dying in Iraq for the sake of Israelis. He further claimed that any debate of American support for Israel is squelched in the public sphere.

The interviewer for C-Span’s Washington Journal program did not react to the blatantly anti-Semitic exchange. Several other callers praised Scheuer for his position regarding Israel, adding their own condemnation of the Jewish State and its supporters.

An excerpt of the initial discussion follows:

John (on the phone from Franklin, New York): “Good morning. I, for one, am sick and tired of all these Jews coming on C-Span and other stations and pushing us to go to war against our Muslim friends. They’re willing to spend the last drop of American blood and treasure to get their way in the world. They have way too much power in this country. People like Wolfowitz and Feith and the other neo-cons – that Jewed us into Iraq – and now we’re going to spend the next 60 years rehabilitating our soldiers. I’m sick and tired of it.”

C-SPAN host (to Scheuer): “Any comments?”

Scheuer: “Yeah. I think that of course American foreign policy is eventually up to the American people. One of the big things we have not been able to discuss for the past 30 years is our policy towards the Israelis. Whether we want to be involved in fighting Israel’s wars in the future is something that Americans should be able to talk about. They may vote yes. They may want to see their kids killed in Iraq or Yemen or somewhere else to protect Israel. But the question is: we need to talk about it. Ultimately, Israel is a country that is of no particular worth to the United States.”

C-SPAN host: “You mean strategically?”

Scheuer: “Strategically. They have no resources we need. Their manpower is minimal. Their association with us is a negative for the United States. Now that’s a fact. What you want to do about that fact is entirely different. But for anyone to stand up in the United States and say that our support for Israel doesn’t hurt us in the Muslim world, or our support for Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship doesn’t hurt us, is to just defy reality.”

Earlier in the same interview, however, Scheuer made it clear what he felt should be done regarding Israel. In his opinion, the U.S. should “persuade” Islamic terrorists threatening America “to focus their anger” on Israel and on oppressive Middle Eastern regimes.

American Jewish Groups ‘Hurt’ Critics of Israel

Scheuer also later elaborated on what he said is the way criticism of Israel is prevented.

A caller named Nicki from Maryland thanked him for his comments on Israel and asked, “Why is it that the United States does not want to talk about Israel?” Prefacing his remarks by asserting that “Israel has every right to do what it needs to do” to defend itself, including the development of nuclear weapons, Scheuer said that the U.S. has no real interest in either Israel or the Palestinian Authority. “That is a religious war in which we have no stake,” he continued.

Scheuer: “Why don’t we talk about that? Because AIPAC and other influential American Jewish groups are extraordinarily involved in the funding of American political campaigns and have the ability to reach out and make sure that people lose their jobs, or are otherwise hurt, if they dare to criticize Israel.”

Scheuer went on to claim that he lost a job with the Jamestown Foundation think tank for saying that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was “doing what I call the Tel-Aviv Two Step”. As a result, he claimed, “the donors to that foundation” ordered that he be terminated. He concluded the discussion of Jewish political influence by saying, “You know, you always talk about the Israel Lobby and its power, but to see it up close and personal aimed right at me was very educational. In fact, it was worth the experience of losing a job.”

Click below to watch a video the caller to C-Span and Scheuer’s remarks:

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  1. Reminder: We are in Galus!

    The Umos H’Olam are doing their job in hating us (as the Medrash says, one of the reasons Har Sinai is called Har Sinai is because by virtue of the fact that we became the Am HaNivchar, Yarda Sinah[Al Yisroel]B’Olam. This has nothing to do with our actions, and is simply a reality which is there as a gift from Hashem to keep us, the Am Kadosh, separate.]

    Now, it’s time for US to do our job and act as the Am HaNivchar, and stop bemoaning the fact that we are hated, and falsely think thatthere is something we can do to change that reality.

    We are all familiar (or should be) with the Meshech Chachma (Parshas B’Chukosai) assessment of the fact that we are Muvdal from the Umos. Either do it the right way, or Hashem will have the Umos H’Olam do it their way! But regardless, we shall remaim Am HaNivdal.

    May we all open our eyes and see the truth and do proper Teshuva NOW and thereby bring Mashiach Tzidkeinu!

  2. I didn’t watch the video but the transcript was bad enough! I don’t understand how this can be aired on live T.V.! This is all absolute falsehood and pure anti semitism. I ask you to forward this article and video to the appropriate people at the OU, Agudah ADL and other organizations who deal with these things just in case they don’t already know.

  3. Hagoan, Reb Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg ZT”L, in a letter to Prof Atlas, in the 1950’s, wrote that all the Tzorohs that we suffered from the Einu-Yehudim, are caused by our disregard and non-caring for the well being of the Umos Ho’olom.

    He continued, that he’s writing these sentences with the blood of his heart.

    He knew, that there is a Basheffer, who is able to read the inner intentions of our heart, and demands of us, to truly care for the well being, of every one of his creations.

  4. What’s the beef? Everything Scheuer said is correct and not in any way anti-Semitic. Don’t mix anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. The Zionist state is of very little benefit, to itself and to the world, except that it (grudgingly) allows Torah to flourish in E”Y. Now if we had a Torah state that was bringing forth the ideals of Torah into the entire world then the state of Israel would be a great benefit. But for now it brings forth Western Culture, Kefira, Pritzus and everything else that can be expected to be found in Paris, San Francisco, Las Vegas, etc. It is this malady that has also angered the Arabs for the past 90 years and is the cause of all their lunatic behavior. The religious parties should stop bickering with each other over nonsense, get together, and take over the country. If they only learned Ahavas Yisroel and to stop calling anyone who disagrees with different Hashkafos, Apikores, successful Kiruv efforts would increase tenfold, the country would turn toward Torah, our enemies would become our friends and we would be on the way toward the Geula!

  5. #3 — What is your written source of the quote you made?

    It apparently includes beheimos, who too are the Bashefer’s creations.

  6. Sorry to burst the bubble but he is 100% correct Israel has nothing to offer the US so just as we wouldn’t stick up for a country in the Baltic states that’s in a fight with russia we should as a matter of policy stick up for Israel
    Now if the American people would decide to defend her (me being one of those ) then that’s great but it doesent mean we should be setting our national policy on the will of a few pushers


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