Video: Harav Avrohom Pam – 10th Siyum Hashas

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“Can one truly assess how much is gained from completing Daf Yomi?”

HaRav Pam zt”l Leaves Us with Timeless Lesson

When the Daf Yomi cycle of three cycles ago concluded – in Elul 5757 (1997)- the scope of next year’s The Siyum worldwide celebrations was unthinkable.

Still, the markings of Daf Yomi’s exponential growth could already be clearly seen. In a scale unprecedented at the time, both Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum in New York, plus satellite locations worldwide, were filled with celebrants of The Agudah’s 10th Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi.

The legendary Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaath, HaRav Avrohom Hacohein Pam zt”l, was honored with the has’chala (commencement) of the new Daf Yomi cycle. “Can one truly assess how much is gained from completing Daf Yomi?,” the Rosh Yeshiva exclaimed, quoting the Vlina Gaon zt”l that each word of Torah is a mitzvah of its own. Performing countless of these precious mitzvos, daily, over seven-and-a-half years illuminates the Daf Yomi learner’s neshama, family and entire surroundings.

Following the Siyum, HaRav Pam delivered a shiur on the beginning of Maseches Berachos to what was by far the largest audience of any shiur in his lifetime. The Rosh Yeshiva noted that whether one learns “the Daf” in the morning or evening, its positive holy effects are there for the entire 24 hour period, day after day: “Even in the office, he has a different feeling: He is a lomeid Torah!”

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