Watch: Rock Eating Worm Discovered In The Philippines Is Very Similar To The Shamir Worm

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  1. Well…..not exactly. The Shamir cut thru stone like a hot knife thru butter. There was no way to hold the Shamir. It had to be stored in sand.
    Anyway, interesting none the less.

  2. Similar indeed, but – before the Mashiach hysteria starts – it’s not at all it.

    One reason the shamir was used is because it cracked the stone without eating or otherwise chiseling out any.

    The bivalve they found actually eats the stone, which would be a problem with the stones of the Choshen (and, according to Rashi, the stones of the Ephod).

  3. Clearly, we don’t need science or scientists to confirm or deny the existence of what CHaZa”L told us exists or existed. The value of this piece is actually something else entirely, and the speaker actually hints to it albeit with a bit of haughtiness. He says the most important part of this discovery, is not what they now know, but rather what they don’t know. Exactly. Science can actually not know everything. In fact they can’t know everything as long as knowing is predicated on discovering only with our five senses. But then he backs up a bit and says, we know stone has no nutrients, so they must be doing something else. Or, just perhaps, stone does have nutrients. Just because science hasn’t found them yet. . .

    Bottom line, this marvelous piece teaches that science is limited, and must be. The Torah is infinite and the blueprint of the entire creation.

  4. Omg. I live the way commenters get all roiled up for nothing. It’s a thought an exciting find. Something we’ve learnt five 3-4 grade. So yeah. Why the drama. Smile and move on. Don’t be so emotionally attached to every post here. It’s just an FYI post btw. Relax.

  5. @Michael – With all the respect deserving a tzelem E-lokim, I feel none of the previous posts were riled up. They each, including yourself, made valid and informative points.

    Having said that, I would add that getting riled up is often a sign someone is thought out, focused, committed to a shita, mesorah, hashkafah, etc. Quite a refreshing thing in a generation often bereft of depth, independence, maturity, ability or willingness to commit.

  6. Micharl, your comment is cool and right on the money! But gosh, your typos are awful. Read it over before hitting the ‘post comment’ button.

  7. Altho this worm may be the original source of the Shamir legend, it does not fit the details given in the Mishnah, Gemara & Midrash. The most obvious differences include:

    1) The Shamir is described as a unique supernatural organism created bein hashmashot of the Friday of creation, and kept hidden, not an ordinary natural species of worm that eats rock instead of wood.

    2) It didn’t just eat thru crumbly rock, it was said to have split solid metals & gemstones with its’ mere gaze/presence.

    3) It was said to be the size of a grain of barley.

    4) The Mishnah at the end of Sotah says that after the second beis hamikdash was destroyed, the Shamir was no longer.


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