Video: Hikind Discusses the Crisis of School-less Children – “I Am So Upset About the Matzav”


dov-hikind[Video below.] New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind has made it a priority to raise awareness regarding the countless children in our community who are not enrolled in school. Photojournalist Shimon Gifter met with Hikind to get a firsthand account of what has been transpiring and how urgent Mr. Hikind feels this issue is.

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{ Newscenter/Video by Rabbi Shimon Gifter}

Video removed by request of Shimon Gifter.


  1. There is no denying it. I have lived long enough and seen the different eras to realize that everything is always about money in today’s world. So shameful. It hurts so much to see this. I hope this is only isolated in Brooklyn.

  2. Dov Hikind is a tremendous tzik. He mazel and bracha and mazel for the rest of his life.

    Hashem should give Dov Hikind good health to help everyone.

  3. Kudos to Dov Hikind , finally some thing real on this website. I taught last year in a school that closed bh I found another job yet there are still students sitting at home schools are not letting them in.
    How could this be? Wake up its almost Chanukah! We must do something

  4. This is a very emotional subject. In addition to what Dov said, it’s frightning to think that these same principals that are making these types of decicions are also teaching our children middos. How can someone with middos like these be a role model for impressionable minds?? It’s scary to think about!

  5. Move to an out of town community where there are real day school’s and there are kids from across the spectrum in one class and they thrive!!
    Nuf said.

  6. He is elected to represent us in Albany not Flatbush. There are people a lot more competent then him to deal with these type of issues.

  7. Kol Hakavod, the pain of the families going through this is immense, and they need a strong and consistent advocate. I have never heard it said better.

  8. wow a good story about hikind. some website will probably blacklist matzav now. You can still do teshuva and mention that it was really greenfield disguised as hikind.

  9. HAmechanech Dov Heikind, HaDaas Torah Dov Heikind. Please have a ben torah address these issues. If you want to know what HaShem thinks ask a tzaddik! Not a politician!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. with this situation happening & getting worse R”L this is a straight wake up call that we need to start caring for one another & not just about ourselves.

    with this attitude between people & schools in klal yisroel. they are bringing they’re success straight down. there is no way someone with a self-centered attitude can be successful with any of lifes work, be it business, friendship or family etc… NOW IS THE TIME FOR EVERYONE TO COME BACK TOGETHER AS ONE & BRING ACHDUS BACK TO KLAL YISROEL BY CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER

    About 18 months after Rubashkin was arrested a yid came to visit him. Rubaskin then told him, maybe this is why i am here (in prison R”L) klal yisroel has not gotten together as one nation & in order for mashiach to come we all need to be one (no matter what level of yiddishkeit each person is on) & if you know Rubashkin personally you can see why Hashem picked him to be the shliach for klal yisroel. he is a person of faith & trust in hashem. With boruch hashem his big family & many other big issues-besides the case he’s in now-he is a person on a very high level of bitachon & emunah in Hashem

  11. Normal- how disgusting the way you speak.. Someone who brings attention to such an important issue simply because he cares… If you don’t care what he has to say that is your choice but your mentality is such a turn off and so pathetic…. His whole point is that others should be dealing with this but he has had people coming to him with these horrible stories. If you would have seen him this week ( as I did) you would know how affected he has been by these stories of families suffering. Yet you scoff and undermine him… Wow what a shame!!! Shame on you!!!!

  12. I agree with the poster “Im crying”–many make the argument that children who would be bad influences shouldn’t be allowed to stay in a school—I’ve been through this and I can tell you there are some mechanchim in the classroom and heads of schools who are worse influences on our children because they are supposed to be models of chesed and rachmanus, b’tzelelm elokim and instead they are heartless and self-protecting.

  13. People tend to see bad in others especially in a politician or a askin, where everyone feels that he has to deliver what I need! nobody thinks what other issues this politician may be dealing with, things which at times nobody even ever finds out but and the complaints and criticism Dove has recieved is shocking! Buruch Hashem on this issue where Dov is doing what he does best and that is help others, Buruch Hashem he’s getting praise for this.
    Thanks Dov and keep up the good work, we all appreciate what you’ve done over the years and what you continue to do for us constantly, eventhough we are entitled to it because we pay our taxes, but you Dov have done way above your duty. THANK YOU. And please Dov ignore the complainess and criticisers!


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