Video: Lakewood Schools May Be Closed, But Kol Torah Goes On in BMG

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bmg-snow[Videos below.] Schools in Lakewood, NJ, may be closed today, but the learning goes on at Beth Medrash Govoha, as America’s largest yeshiva is filled with a ruach haTorah.

In this first video, one can watch as the Beth Medrash Govoah parking lot is cleared at around midnight to make parking spots available for yungeleit arriving this morning:

[media id=553 width=400 height=300]

In this second video, several yungeleit help push a yungerman‘s car that was stuck and wouldn’t move:

[media id=554 width=400 height=300]

{ Newscenter, Lakewood News Desk}


  1. The Philadelphia Community Kollel has been going full force – yesterday and today, with extra people due to everyone being off. Most of the yungerman walked 20 min to kollel.

  2. #2 Cute statement which does NOT hold too much water or even snow… (delete the word ONLY and the sentence weighs in)
    Have you ever ventured out out of lakewood and seen/heard/experienced the kol hatorah and ahavas torah in Yad Binyamin, Atlanta, North Miami Beach, South Bend, Cherry Hill, Har Choma, Roslyn, Long Island, Cleveland Heights……shall I go on?????


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