Video: Rav Amnon Yitzchak Blasts Use of Holy Words to Unholy Songs

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rav-amnon-yitzchak [Video below.] Rav Amnon Yitzchak has been highlighting what he feels is a drastic change needed in the style and tone of contemporary Jewish music, as indicated in yesterday’s Matzav report on Rav Yitzchak’s meeting with Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman.

In the following video, taken at a recent lecture of Rav Yitzchak, he criticizes Meidad Tasa, a young, talented Israeli yeshiva bochur, for his style of singing. Rav Yitzchak also lambastes those who take holy words of Torah and put them to melodies that are not reflective of the kedushah of the lyrics.

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{Yair Israel}


  1. How about criticizing those that steal, speak loshon hora, talk during davening, have sinas chinam ? Those are the true problems facing klal yisrael

  2. Where was he all these years? The GREAT SINGERS of our generation have been competing for years to match a posuk or mamar chazal to jazz music.
    Never understood how the GREAT COMPOSERS disregarded a halacha “al tismach Yisroel el gil b’amim”? (Check it out in Yoreh Dayah)
    I actally laugh every time one of the ‘oldies’ comes on the radio & my kids wince. Like that’s music – no jazz to it?
    Can you just imagine Eliyahu Hanavi swinging down from Har Ha’Zeisim to the tune of “Mashiach, Mashiach, Mashiach ay yay yay yay yay”?

  3. About time somebody has the guts – to say thing as they really are. Hopefully others too will now hop on the band wagon too

  4. Maier,

    If you are worried about al tismach Yisroel el gil, you should never listen to music except at a chasuna because Rav Moshe and others have forbidden music anytime and not just on sefira or the 3 weeks.

    Where do you find that a specific style of music is asur? If there is pritzus or gaava or specific imitation of goyishe acts then there could be some makom to asur.

    However, lively music with a beat is not necessarily goyish and it should not be made assur. This is especially so for those that need some sort of kosher break from time to time.

  5. he brings a lot of yiddishe menshen back to yiddishkeit

    maybe we should ask ourselves why do we want an israeli state when it isn`t based on Torah.

  6. I am fully suportive of Rav Amnon Yitzchak. When I told my children that if one can listen to the entertainers of today without cringing, that person doesn’t know what Yiddishkeit and music is about, they rolled their eyes. What does totty know. Well, Rav Amnon Yitzchak is saying the same thing.

  7. This is all the truth and the music with the use of psukim is wrong and as some claim even against haluchu, but with the current generation the way it is, we are simply to weak and banning this music and introducing slow boring music will unfortunately push these people to listen to secular music and thats way worse,

    this is most probably why Reb Aaron Leib didnt give his opinion on this matter which shows that its a complicated issue and in Reb Aaron Leibs view its not worth being moiche on this, and so this is a really complicated issue and our opinions on this matter are not relevant because we dont have the kuk of a gudol and its not so simple to say o some singers should be stopped and this music is totally futile, because we dont know what it means carrying the achryis of the people who will end up listening to secular music as a result!

  8. To those who commenters who expressed sentiments like “I’m glad there are no greater problems etc.,” you guys have totally missed the boat.

    Niggun has a unique koach to influence a person and his deep emotions. When it is based on boorish wildness and infiltrates our young minds and neshamos, it CREATES much bigger problems in yiddishkeit in them.

    To those who say that we need such artificial “Jewish” music in order to keep children away from goyishe music, that is false. Since the Jewish singers began singing in a more goyishe style, there have been significantly MORE frum people, especially teens, listening to goyishe music then in years past. When the lines are blurred, and we’re taught that semi-goyishe music is kosher, it’s hard to understand why real goyishe music is treif.

    No one said that Jewish music must be all slow and sad. It can be happy and very lebdig, only with a “yiddishe taam.”

  9. To #15 Mit Sechel:
    Your statement that “more teens today are listening to Goyisher music than in years past”, is totally unsubstantiated. You have no facts, no data you are merely making a statement from your gut. If you ask many parents who are in their 40s, 50s and 60s whose music did they listen to honestly they will tell you that goyisher music is by far much better music than Jewish singers. The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle,are musical legends. One can not study music nor understand music without learning these artists. It’s almost like learning classical music.

  10. #7 tzoorba
    I think you missed the entire fleet. You also need to reread R. Moshe’s tshuva.
    Neither I nor anyone else mentioned ‘pritzus, gaava. or goyishe acts’. But seems that’s what you make of this perversion of “JEWISH MUSIC”. Right on the mark. Ever hear of ‘zemer yevanis’? Where do you draw the line? What would be your reaction to Slichos sung with John Lennon tunes?
    Never heard any of the baaalie nigun – you know the real ones like the Modgese Rebbes etc. use any modern goyeshe tunes. (ie: Hatikvah – a baroom tune matched to hebrew words)
    Also read #14 mit seichel
    #’s 1,4,5,11, or even #8 you didn’t mention the problems on the BQE, or the Brooklyn Bridge etc. Get a life!!!

  11. I went to One of the videos (without English sub titles)was in the Teddy Stadium and it featured a couple of singers including Medad Tesah. Is it just his recent cd’s that the rav was referring to?
    On a side, shofar is an amazing site and I have found Rav Amnon Yitzchak shlita to be a brilliant man and a master orator. He lectures on various topics in Judiasm which I feel can be very beneficial to all Jews, irregardless of religious status.

  12. according to #14 we shouldn’t use the light bulb or car or anything else invented or made by someone non-jewish. I say that he needs a reality check. Just because something was originally Non-Jewish that doesn’t mean it’s bad. If I take a gun – that are made to kill people – and I save someone’s life with it is that wrong of me according to the Torah? The Answer is NO and if people recognize the tune or beat from a non-jewish song then thats their problem because someone who is really jewish and religious shouldn’t be able to recognize them and should take the music at face value which is jewish and nothing more.


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