Video: Ukrainian Billionaire On Why He Gives Millions to Chabad and Meeting Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky of Lubavitch

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gennady-bogolubov[Video below.] Ukrainian billionaire and philanthropist Gennady Bogolubov was the guest speaker Sunday night at the International Chabad Shluchim Conference banquet in Brooklyn, NY. He described how he first met Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky of Chabad and why he has chosen to give millions and millions of dollars to Lubavitch.

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  1. Please note Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky of Lubavitch is one of a number of “Rabbis” who, a number of years ago, signed a proclamation demanding Hashem recognize the Rebbe as the Moshiach. While many Chabad Rabbis decry (at least publicly) this practice, there is still a significant amount, many of whom are in high power leadership positions, who refuse to do so.

  2. To #1: Aaaaand therefore??? So there is a ‘significant amount of Chabad rabbis who refuse to decry that Rebbe is the Moshiach’. So what? Your remark comes from jealousy. Chabad continues to do great work, and donors love them because they are impressed by their dedication and love of all Jews, including you.

  3. #1.
    If that is all you have to say, say it with your full name or NOT AT ALL.
    No point in mentioning old aveiros, people do Teshuva all the time.

  4. Ok Mr. Anon, thanks for making us aware of Rabbi Kaminetzky’s ‘criminal background’, he seems to be occupied with other important matters & accomplishments besides the one you mentioned, may we all be guilty of demanding Mashiach & maybe he would be here already!

  5. they do great work, yeah , yeah, yeah.
    Listen, they spend billions of dollars giving people kosher food and tefillin,, and teaching them tanya and that the rebbi is mashiach and that everyone else is off.
    i would rather see normative representatives of judaism better funded, and these guys taken down a peg or two.

    we get all emotional about the amazing work, blah blah, but they are wasting so many opportunities to be mekarev, to really help people grow. just check it out. look at ther results. i think they have 28 branches throughout the valley in LA. how many baalei tshuvah are they making? very very few.
    its a shame that our community, which could do so much more of a better job, is not competing with them.

  6. Eric Yoffie leader of Reform explained why the only “orthodox”that Reform gets along with is lubavitch saying they are “cut-rate minimalist judaism”.

    When asked how come chabad is so excellent in media and propaganda,a certain Godol said that that was because they were the last left with the communists.

  7. To #9 Your name smells of cynicism. Where is your proof? Provide proof before you make such ignorant comments. I am one of those baalei tshuvah who was mekarved by Chabad. I would suggest that you do some research before you speak about other yidden.

  8. To # 4 5 6
    R Shach, R Svei and many other Gedolim were of he opinion that these Mishachisdim are Opikorsim and should be puclicly denounced regardless how may people put on Tefillin because of them Are you bigger then them?

  9. Agreed, chabad loves every non-rum Jew but tries to overtake the frum groups “in there way”.

    They have pulled the wool over many eyes, but nit all bh!

    The velt should support aish, ohr sameach, kiruv kollels to help clal yisrael, instead of more chabad donors who only give to them and never become part of the frum world

  10. To #9
    “its a shame that our community, which could do so much more of a better job, is not competing with them.”
    Because those who can do, those who cannot sit and write comments of how much better they can do

  11. To “Bored with Excuses”.
    Believe it or not, the Chabad shluchim really do great work (and, by the way, I don’t believe they do it using your money.
    I was never a Lubavicher, yet was helped tremendously by the Chabad shaliach in the city I lived during a challenging period of my life.
    Also, you do not “make a baal teshuvah” (it is a person, not a machine) – you just help another Yid beruchniyus and begashmiyus, simply because you care. Whether he or she will become fully observant or will get a zchus of just this one mitzvah is H-shem’s cheshbonos.

  12. To # 14 “smelly”

    Yes, the gedolim you mention spoke sharply against Chabad. In any case the shluchim present at this conference are not meshichisten (they hold their own convention), so the whole issue is totally off-topic.

  13. These anti Chabad comments, I thought were a thing of the past. They are the most ignorant comments of jealousy I have ever seen.
    Regarding how many mekuravim are in the Valley. How can one measure one who is mekareved? Is he totally shomer Torah and Mitzvos? Has he quit college to only go to Yeshiva? See you place no value on a Yid who lights Shabbos licht and goes out in her car afterwards. You place no value on a Yid who puts Tefillin on once in a lifetime. You place no value on a Jew who kashers their home and still eats out. Do you even know or appreciate the value of a mitzvah? How do you make a cheshbon of one single G-dly act? How do you know where one mitzvah will lead to. Every Baal Tshuva began with putting Tefillin on for the first time. He began by doing one mitzvah. Who knew at the time where it could or would lead to. Possibly even 10 years later. This is not to mention that at the moment that the Shliach helps one do a mitzvah that he has the intent that it last a lifetime. Do you need a written guarantee prior to getting him to put on Tefillin, that he will always continue, before you waste your time? But if not? Its not worth anything? This is apikorsis! Not the many individuals who may believe the Rebbe is Moshiach. Possibly overzealous, yes, maybe. But that is all. Their sin? Believing too much in Moshiach’s coming? One day you too will be “forced” to endorse Moshiach (hopefully very soon)! Of course you won’t be accused of “making a mistake or being an apikores”! OMG where is your head?

    For you to simply dismiss all the great successes of Lubavitch who, to your astonishment, do endorse Kol HaTorah Kula, for normative Judaism, I would suggest that anyone who could make such an ignorant statement, has missed the entire message of Yiddishkeit. Go learn and come back in 50 years! If you have a “better way” then go do it! No one is stopping you! Chabad was doing kiruv when many gedoilim who you endorse, condemned it. It was all bitul zman. This is a historical and documented fact. Just go research the letters they wrote to Jewish communities back then. Are these the same Gedoilim who proclaimed that those who believed the Rebbe to be Moshiach, the same rabbis who condemned kiruv 50-60 years ago? I think its possible. Now everyone is “in the kiruv business”. Kol HaKavod. Where do you think the “Baal Tshuva” movement came from but for Chabad? Who is the Zaidie of the Baal Tshuva movement but the Lubavitcher Rebbe z”tzal?

    “All they do is learn Tanya?” What have you got against Tanya? Maybe you should learn it yourself. Many noble and enlightened Litvisher learn Tanya It may do you some good regarding your Yetzer Hora and Sinas Chinam.

    This may come as a surprise but Lubavich bochrim know how to learn as least as well as any Litvisher bochrim. How could this be so if all they learn is Tanya? I thought verbage such as this left the Jewish lexicon years ago.

    So if you can do a better job at kiruv, then go do it. Easy to criticize the people who began the movement. Seems to me that if Chabad had not been so successful in the 60’s and 70’s, organizations like Aish and Or Sameiach would not exist today. The difference is, is that in Lubavitch, every chossid finds it incumbent upon himself to mekarev another Jew. This is his mission. This is Torah. There is no difference. Whereas “others” deem it necessary for certain organizations to pick up the responsibility. You may donate to it and make yourself feel good about it. But how many people have you personally mekareved? Chabad indeed set the standard. Now go set your own!

    Ahavas Yisroel goes a long way in today’s world. Help k’lal Yisroel. Don’t fight it. In the mean time I’ll keep working on bringing Moshiach!

  14. to #21: as #1 pointed out, R’ Kaminetzky, Bugulobov’s rabbi is as meshichist as the rest of them. The many hundreds of shluchim who dropped in at the meshichist melava malka were by and large the same guys who attended the banquet Sunday night. Some are more vocal and some are less so, that’s all.

  15. OK.

    dear tanna Kamma, Yoelie, chossid and anonymous 16

    First of all, I do work, full time for another kiruv organisation. Im not sitting and writing comments. I really do work, full time, in kiruv.

    I thought i was writing comments to a n audience that was fully and completely aware that Rav Shach as the gadol Hador and on behalf of the moetzes, , placed the Rebbe, and Chabad outside of normative Yiddeshkeit and that you were comfortable with that.

    Since that is not the case, lets start again.

    No one can match the generic Chabad shliach’s mesirus nefesh. Everyone in kiruv and out of kiruv knows that.

    Chabad is mekarev people, and does help people on the road to Tshuvah (but they have 4500 shluchim, so they really should be making a heck of a lot more).

    Getting people to do Mitzvos is a very important thing and its great that people light the menorah and put on tefillin.


    They are not representative of mainstream chassidus, and certainly not of mainstream litvish.
    They dont represent normal values of Judaism (thats what i means about ONLY learning tanya, they all believe the rebbe is Mashiach, as Reb Yoel kahn himself mentioned a few months ago in the shiur that was not supposed to be taped) and they VERY VERY actively work against the presence of any other type of Jewish presence in communities where they have a shliyach.
    Try going to a campus with 5000 jewish students with one chabad house catering for 300 of them and introduce yourself as a new kiruv guy on campus there to work with the other 4700.
    I have friends on campuses that are refused entry to shabbos morning minyan at the chabad house because “they are endangering the parnossah of the chabad shaliyach” by being there. so much for the other 4700 kids who are literally dying to be reached.

    the list goes on, and I am very experienced, and my facts are unlikely to be disputed by anyone who has ever tried to work in the same town as a chabad guy in kiruv.

    That being said, they are special people, who are really working hard on their mission…. to make more lubavitch chassidim, or supporters of lubavitch chassidus.

    Our gedolim have already told us that they are chutz lemachaneh.

    Isnt that enough to jolt you
    What happens if a chutz lemachanah organisation becomes the main force in Jewish education? Thats where they are headed.

    Dont write garbage about ahavas yisroel. Of course we love these guys and wish them well.

    But the shittoh they follow is wrong. The manhigim have told us so.
    and we should be opposed to it. all of us should. regardless of how much good they do.

    My comments were supposed to be about how we need to be doing a better job, so that the jews return to Judaism, normative Judaism as defined by Belz, viznitz, ponevitz and Mir, bobov, and chofetz Chaim, chaim berlin and even YU, not so that they all become lubavich.

  16. just because chabad is so sucssesful does not give u the right to be jealous of them
    so to all those ppl who wrote those jealous comments do reserch before you say stuff

  17. #’s 3, 4, 5, 8, 12 a few others, and for sure, #22 really are plugged in fully. Great comments.
    THANKS for sharing your clear well thought out comments with us, really its appreciated. We need more like that.

  18. Nu dear tanna Kamma, Yoelie, chossid and anonymous 16
    where are your comments?

    Remember, they do great work. great work.

    but the gedolim have spoken. chabad is not the way that klal yisroel is suppossed to approach kiruv, Torah or yiras shomayim.

    we have to do more.

  19. Dear Bored,

    I have tried to respond to your argument that Rav Shach & others strongly opposed Chabad by pointing out that numerous other gedolim didn’t concur with that position.

  20. Your comment that you WORK for a kiruv org. reveals how WRONG your approach is to kiruv. Kiruv is not a job and certainly not a career. Kiruv is an obligation for all yidden.

    Stop with your obsession with Chabad. It is silly and immature.

    To anonymous, that depends on what you define as normative Judaism.

  21. I believe you when you state that your initial comments were meant for a different audience. That’s the point. It breeds divisiveness. Maybe Chabad is more “mainstream” than you believe! But to state that Chabad is not mainstream Chassidus is flat wrong. You see, Chabad, through the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman,was in from the ground floor of the Chassidic movement with the selected few talmidim of the Maggid via the Baal Shem Tov. His Chassidus was known as the “intellectual Chassidus” because it espoused “Chochma, Bina and Daas” of the first 3 middos. The “others” espoused the “emotional Chassidus” based on the 7 emotions, which is known as “Cha’GaS” (Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferes). Chabad was the only Chassidus that emphasized the Chochma, Bina and Daas method of intellect over emotions. Thus right from the get go Chabad “was different” from the others. Any chossid would not make this remark however. For an “outsider” to make this remark regarding Chabad Chassidus, is disingenuous. There is no doubt, Chabad, as a theology has caused a spiritual revolution. But that was its design, to change the status quo, due to spiritual necessity. By definition, any revolution is going to “move away” from those attitudes it seeks to improve upon. Will the “mainstream” like this? Of course not! Its an affront to them. Hence the study of Chassidus over Mussar. Hence a Rebbe. The Baal Shem Tov was the quintessential revolutionary. So was Besht, the Maggid and everyone of his Talmidim. And they did cause an uproar in their day. The Vilna Goan put them all in Cherem, only to be exonerated as history has shown. What did this Cherem accomplish in the long run? Nothing, but divisiveness and Sinas Chinam. It was only to be retracted in the future. This is how Chabad views its detractors. This to shall pass. I would surmise the statement of those Gedoilim must be understood in its proper context, if one cares to understand them at all. First of all, I don’t mean to shock you, but these men were not considered to be the Gedoilim of the Chassdisher World. Rav Shach was not the Gadol Hador to any chassidim as well as many non-chassidim. These comments were made to the Litvisher World, for fesr these “odd ideas” may attract some of their followers. I don’t blame them for this. However, I do not see these remarks meant to affect anyone who was not within their parameters. If anything, they set back a cordial relationship shared by the Chassidic and Litvisher communties by 50 years. It attempted to disenfranchised 10’s of thousands of Yidden. It caused divisiveness and Sinas Chinam. Do you yourself adhere to “everything” these Gedoilim espouse. Why are there many who are so medakdik on this inyan?

    Historically speaking, there became more and more evidence of the necessity to “reveal” pnimius HaTorah. That’s what Chabad Chassidus is. It’s a whole new inner dimension of Torah that was never revealed before, prior to the Alter Rebbe and disseminated down through 7 Rebbes. It is included on the list of Torah Sh’Baal Pe. The purpose? To hasten the Geula, as Eliyahu NaNavi revealed to the Besht when the Besht ascended to the Heavens and asked Eliyahu when Moshiach will come? The Besht was told, “When the wellsprings of your teachings will be spread throughout the world”. Chabad took this statement quite literally. Other chassidim did not. None of the maggid’s other talmidim espoused as deep, mesuder and a profound Chassidus as Chabad. That is what has attracted many other chassidim to Chabad Chassidus throughout history. History also notes that generation after generation of Yidden left the world of Torah, after being literally “chased away” and referred to as “Goyim”, by “normative and mainstream” Yidden having come from this same school of thought seeking to do Kiruv now! Obviously with a better attitude now. People are attracted to Chabad because it it “user friendly”. It has put the soul back into Judaism. It is non-judgemental, non-critical and moves people slow. It is not demanding and people feel comfortable with that. It embraces their life in its totality. You see, Chabad has taught Jews that they can feel proud to be Jews, do mitzvos on whatever level they feel comfortable embracing, even if they don’t learn in Yeshivas and are not academics. And yes, many do go on to Yeshivas and embrace it all. Its all good for them and they do contribute to the spiritual cosmos of G-d’s plan as Jews. Chabadniks are not afraid or threatened to expose their children to “frie children at their Shabbos Tisch. There are major differnces of attitudes and hashkofos between Chabad’s system of ruchnius and others. They are actitivists. Others are not. Others believe Moshiach will come when Hashem wants him to and that’s Hashem’s business, not ours. Chabad believes we can hasten the Geula as Rambam states; even one deed may tip the scales to the Geula. And the reason, by your own admission, that Chabad Shluchim, have such mesirus nefesh is only because of their connection to their Rebbe. Nothing more. And that is why no one can equal their committment to kiruv and Shlichus. Because the Rebbe would not tolerate anything less. And if you consider this a good thing than condemning their adoration of the Rebbe as apikorsis is an oxymoron. The Rebbe was who he was. In his totality as a leader, his leadership went way beyond his own people. There was no greater Oheiv Yisroel. His merits speak for themselves. So does his legacy. So his mission continues even more so than before, while youngeleit in Kollel “line up” by the hundreds for the zechus to go on Shlichis. To commit for a lifetime and never leave a place on his own volition. The Rebbe did in fact change the Jewish landscape as we knew it. Especially post-holocaust, when a decimated Jewry was met with indifference especially in America. But that is only because Chabad Chassidus was what it was from the time of the Alter Rebbe on down. There is no difference in any of the Chabad Rebbeim regarding their mission or agenda.

    The expression “normative Judaism” is a dangerous reference. For the majority of Jews being Reform and Conservative refer to themselves as being “normative”, to the exclusion of all Orthodox, only because their numbers are greater. Does this make it “more correct” since a greater number live one way over another? Most often, factors such as pure demographics contribute to this fact, i.e people’s exposure in life, family traditions or lack thereof etc. Goyim may call Judaism “not within the mainstream of Humanity”. And you know what? We’re not! And we’re proud of that fact, B”H. The fact that Gedoilim have even stated this is a warped sense of usage and an abberration. It is insensitive and offensive. In other words, those Gedolim would state that there is no necessity of Chabad, their writings, their contributions, their leaders, Rabbis or their mekuravim. This is a denial of Torah! Is Chabad different? Of course it is! Could this be the reason for their condemnation? Is their a basic human fear of anyone that is different than you? Can anyone state that Chabad as a movement or theology has ever abrogated Torah and Mitzvos? By your own admission, Chabad has done well. The less than welcoming attitude of Chabad Shluchim on college campuses to “other Kiruv” organizations is the result of being the “new kid on the block”. Its after the fact. This is the result of being a “Johnny come lately”. Now they want “equal opportunities” to Jewish souls? Where were they 50 and 60 years ago? And for what? To accommodate “others” that as you state, “Don’t believe Chabad is legitimate”? Isn’t that self destructive? When you admit, “everyone agrees that it would be better if Chabad wasn’t around on the playing field”? Does this make sense? Would anyone else do this either? Why would I as a Shliach on campus invite or accept any other doing Kiruv, who seeks to deligitimize me and the entire Chabad movement?! What don’t you get?

    I’m sorry for the length, however I hope I have clarified some very germane issues. Certainly if you spend time with a Chabad Chossid or Shliach who is well educated, you could become more educated as to the differences that exist between these groups and their historical developments. Thanks you.

  22. thanks tanna kamma.

    i am yet to hear of any godol anywhere endorsing chabad in a real way. especially o the mashiach issue, which everyone just brushes under the carpet.

    i am saying that we need to get a move on, before these guys become the mainstream of judaism.

    thats all im saying.

    and as for you, mr “M”, its not an obsession. ive never commented on it before.

    of course its not a job or career. im just using the vernacular. some people learn or teach “full time”. they dont mean its their job, like selling shoes. its just a manner of speech.

    But im worried about Chabad’s spread and their techniques. im serious. try going to a place where there is a chabad and opening up. you will experience the “tzidkus hatzadikkim” first hand!!!!

  23. Just one comment to all of you guys : imagine that Mr.Gennady Bogolubov read all those messages what you guys wrote , what will he think the man opened up his heart and pocket to chesed and tsedakah and what are you guys doing……….fight ?? who cares if you like chabbad or not this is not the place to discuss that, lets have shulem and achdus in klal yisroel and the moshiach will come and everybody keep your opinion to yourself! The man spoke amazing and kol hakavod to him for all what he does !! Thank you MR. Gennady Bogolubov to help out OUR FELLOW JEWS

  24. This place just proves what I feel in my heart every time yidden fight with one another over the “air waves”.
    Doesn’t anyone have any brains?Why do we need to wash our dirty laundry and hang it out the window for everyone to see. What in the world is wrong with all of you? Whether it’s this particular site or any that demands criticism, can’t you just call your friend and purge over there?Don’t you understand what “chilul Hashem”
    means??????Doesn’t anyone care anymore. Time and again, you tune in and what do you hear? Yidden attacking one another.People are watching. We are supposed to be a Light onto the Nations. Do you ever ask yourself that question, whether or not you are?Is it so important for you to bashmutz your fellow jew. Get a life….and stop making a chillul Hashem. Find other things to give you a lift, or pleasure other than by attacking one another. Live and let live. Stop passing judgement. We are here for different purposes. Concentrate on what YOU could contribute to the world and make it a better place. Stop worrying about what the next person is doing!!!!!For crying out loud. We are crying…… OUT LOUD, WE HAVE TZOROS…because we fail to get along with one another!!!!!!Genig gevein.
    Yes, we all want Moshiach…Satmar, Belz, Lubavitch….everyone…and you won’t get him here this way…achdus…..caring….a halt to all the infigting, outfighting….that will get him here faster than anything… a father….Hashem wants us to get along with each other….Don’t you get it yet??????????????


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