Virtual-Reality Concentration Camp


Westerbook, Holland’s transit camp where Anne Frank and 100,000 other Jews passed through on their way to concentration camps, has reconstructed the camp with virtual reality simulations that depict details down to bricks, strands of barbed wire, and imperfections on wooden shingles, Times of Israel reported.

The actual camp was destroyed in the 1960s and replaced with highly sensitive radio telescopes precluding people from entering the area. They have to make do with a museum located two miles away.

Virtual reality (VR) simulation is also available at the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

VR was also used in 2015 by Germany’s Public Prosecution Service to demonstrate what accused war criminals could see of killing operations from where they were posted in the camp and helped convict former Auschwitz camp SS guard Reinhold Hanning in June 2016.



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