Wall Street Journal Describes Jersey City Shooting as Shaking “Black Neighborhood” – and Then Apologizes



  1. WSJ was once a respectable daily but turned into a rag. They’re basically country club Rinos who now undermine Trump. The once respectable Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan has morphed into a Never Trump witch.

  2. This is political correctness taken to the extreme. There was nothing incorrect in the WSJ saying it is a “historically” black neighborhood. That is the truth. It is only recently that Jews have moved in. Also, there is no reason why they had to change ‘black’ to “African Americans” as there is nothing pejorative about the word ‘black.’

    • Yes there is. First its not historicaly black, its historically ethnic. Second, those details seemingly have no pertinence to the situation at hand, unless you believe they do…..
      An identifying feature it is not.


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