Watch: Bernie Goldberg: If Oprah Decides To Run She Will Win


The Fox News contributor says the media mogul has a unique likeability.




  1. Why does Matzav feel the need to engage in hypothetical’s nogia goyim from Hollywood? Is this what the Ben Torah needs to know? I didn’t bother wasting my time watching such tuma.

  2. Lcsl. Mr smarty pants said trump had no chance of winning. Ftr Oprah would win as long as she would remain Oprah. The only problem is the secondary she runs she becomes unoprah. So this whole question is stupid.

  3. I bet all the secular Jews who voted for hillarey would of course support ophra. I’m wondering if the minority of fake askonim will once again rally against Trump. Once Trump got elected they had mud on their faces. One macher ran away on vacation to avoid being harrassed by his community. If any so called Rav or macher opposes Trump this time they should be excommunicated. The majority of Orthodox Jews voted Trump despite the democRATic machine sending out its heimisha looking lackeys.


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