Watch: Breslover Na Nachs Protest Uman Travel Ban Outside Aryeh Deri’s Home

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Dozens of Breslover “Na Nachs” sang and danced outside the home of Aryeh Deri in Har Nof on Sunday night, protesting the ban on traveling to Uman for Rosh Hashana.





  1. חכם עובדיה ז”ל was right when he spoke out against going to Uman for ראש השנה.

    These people have been indulged for too long.

    It is time for the free ride to end.

    • Why shouldn’t they go to Uman for Rosh Hashanah? Shouldn’t there be the same outcry at those who travel to Chassidishe Rebbes and Litvish Roshei Yeshivos on Rosh Hashanah leaving their families behind? Many people see great yeshuos at the tzaddik Rav Nachman from Uman zt”l.

  2. Don’t knock frum jews. The Kirov they do among secular Israelis is awesome. I watch them dance whenever I visit Israel. They do more for public relations then all the other chassidim and Yeshivash combined. I don’t oppose protests for shabbos etc but their method of Simcha brings a good warm feeling to Israelis who are spiritually lost.


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