WATCH: Cory Booker at the Democrat Debate Last Night: “Thank G-d, Boruch Hashem”



  1. Wow, maybe Mr. Booker is Eliyahu Hanavi. Or maybe he’s the male version of Esther Hamalka. Whatever this elteh bachur is, I will definitely be voting for him.

  2. The democrats all talked about “systemic” racism? What is systemic? A drop of the candid day sees a system. A body or a night sky. The idea of racism as prevalent as your liver or your eye to heaven is wrong.

    Israel is a systemic frank grade to must be mention. Why are we having racism debates by underdressed negros. Where are the men in bow ties who have respect?

    This is a drama of the rude. America must have an answer for any prevalent racism. Maybe more hope for even something like proper diet can improve.

    McDonalds makes you mad.

  3. Sickening for this disgusting anti everything the Torah stands for sub human to dare have the word “Hashem” pass his mouth. Pandering by any chance? Yuck!!


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