WATCH: Shwekey, Waldner, Zemiros and Friends Sing R’ Shmuel Brazil’s ‘Modeh Ani,’ ‘Bilvavi’ and Other Golden Melodies on 9/11 in NYC

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  1. Singing and music was nice. What was this particular venue? Was it a fund raiser? Last request for Make a Wish foundation r”l? Was it some wealthy guy who stam wanted to party?
    I did find it a bit odd that they’re singing about the longing for Yerushalayim (1st video) while they are on some luxurious penthouse porch in Manhattan drinking wine. A bit of hypocrisy if you ask me.

  2. Agree. Todays modern day kumzitz has very little to do with God. It’s all entertainment. Although it’s still better than other forms of entertainment especially if it keeps kids out of trouble


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