Watch: Ex-Mexican President Calls Out Fox News: They’re ‘Trying to Make’ Trump President

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During an appearance on CNN yesterday morning, former Mexican president Vincente Fox called out Fox News for actively trying to push a Donald Trump presidency.

Fox, infamously called out Trump and his wall, told Chris Cuomo that he will only meet with Trump if he first apologizes to the Mexican people and also to U.S. workers for “not telling them the truth.”

Fox then brought up how Trump “controls media here” and mentioned how “Fox News is 24 hours giving him the push.” “Fox News,” he said, “is trying to make a president.”




  1. And CNN and all the other leftist media are trying to make Rodham president.

    Welcome to the USA, Mr. Fox, where news reporting hasn’t been objective for decades, and everything is politicized.

  2. Trump controls the media? That can’t be! We were taught that it’s the Jews who control it.
    Btw, and who do you think all the rest of the media is supporting? Well duh, Hillary of course.


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