Watch: How To Teach Your Son Gemara Skills…Without Hiring A Tutor


The key to success in Gemara (and most other things), comes down to skills and fundamentals.

Gemara is hard. It’s supposed to be. Even for kids (and adults) who are really smart.

And sadly, many kids are not being taught the proper Gemara skills, making them unprepared when they get to High School and Mesivta.

You may be too busy to teach your son, and you may not be able to afford a private tutor.

Is there ways that you can help your son develop the skills he needs to succeed?

In this segment you will discover:

  • What it feels like for your son when he sits in gemara class

  • Why even smart boys seem to lack basic skills

  • Why Rebbeim don’t always teach kids the skills they need

  • Two tips and strategies you can apply, which won’t take a huge amount of time, yet can help your son get way ahead of the curve in Gemara

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  1. Ok, so our mystery drasha man took my advice and has better lighting this time. I see he left off his tie this time and added a mic to his left collar. It looks like there is some sort of bowl or serving container stuffed into the changing table. Please do us a favor and keep the changing table free of debris. The tissue box is fine. When our Phantom expert took out the Torah Umesora card, we couldn’t see it. You had your Jewish News Channel banner blocking the view. Does anyone edit this before going public?
    Interesting ideas but in my humble opinion it’s stam talk & not gonna happen. Sorry.


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