Watch: IDF Soldier Who Neutralized Neve Tsuf Terrorist Talks About The Attack

Yosef Solomon (70), Haya Solomon (46), Elad Solomon (36) HY"D
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The IDF soldier who neutralized the terrorist describes how he shot the terrorist through the window. He also spoke about how a similar attack happened 3 years ago in his own house, but that assailant was captured before he could cause harm.




  1. Unfortunately, I fear for this brave soldiers future. I’m afraid the corrupt leftist government in Israel will now brand this brave soldier, a right-wing nut and put him on the same watch list as Meir Ettinger. Lieberman will do anything, to receive the adore of the NY Times and BBC. Netanyahu has lost his moral compass.

  2. I smell another Elor Azarya case in the works.
    After all what right did he have to shoot? The terrorist didn’t kill everybody present!

  3. With so maney jews being killed in the last few weeks in israel. Maybe it’s not the safest place for jews to live there.

  4. I just want to correct a small thing at 00:54 in the otherwise very good translation.
    This soldier spoke with great humility and said:
    “I try to focus on the fact that the LITTLE that I did prevented what could have been a worse tragedy.”

    May we know no more tzarot.


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