Watch: Lakewood, NJ, Lights-and-Sirens Escort at Wedding at Ateres Reva Hall Last Night in Honor of Chosson

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  1. I just don’t get it. What was the purpose of this? Is this a legal use of taxpayer money? Who paid for this stupidity? Were these officers on duty at the time? Were they getting paid for this? Overtime/time and a half? Who paid for the gas and wear and tear on the police vehicles during this escapade? Were resources available elsewhere in case of a real emergency? Did the Mayor or Police Chief sign off on this? If they did this exact thing for a goy or rockstar would all the babies here be silent about it?

  2. Nice. At a time when our education system is under attack, lets demonstrate publicly that our adults act like children. Good move. Our education system is supposed to to be better because we teach good middos. Well, I guess not. Although not as foolish as this website for posting this chilul Hashem.

  3. Today everything needs to be shticky and cool. Everyone needs to out do the next one. Attention seeking insecure people. Thats all

  4. For all the smart people that said there dumb comments, listen up there was no police involved. The chosson works for a couple of emergency organizations thus for all the help he did over the years they got a permit and escorted him

  5. hey guys let a guy have some fun and make him happy on his wedding day.
    You only live once. nothing happened so theres no point crying over spilled milk.

  6. Hatzalah member chosson got a call on the way to his wedding.
    Incidently, the kallah, a Ezrs Nashim membe,r also got a call at the same exact time.
    What Hashgacha Pratis.

  7. I took these videos. How did they end up here? And btw it was a wedding of an LCSW/Jersey Shore Hatzolah/Bikur Cholim/Howell EMS member


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