Watch: New Clip of Simcha Medley with Arele Samet, Zanvil Weinberger, Meir Adler and Malchus Choir

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  1. The music and singing was takeh very nice, but I don’t understand why the need for the background visual display? Is this Toradik? Would the chazzon ish or the brisker rav approve of such innovations? This is a new mishugas taken from the goyim. It is now accepted by Jewish concerts to always have that annoying changing lighted backgrounds with smoke coming up from the kivshon ha’aish. The world is not hefker.

  2. To Mr True Hashkafah guy

    The chazon Ish and the Brisker Rav would look at the times and needs. And they would say if these few little things would help to give the boys a positive lift , then yes, go ahead and do it.

    Look at the excitement and confidence and positive countenence in these fine young men.

    They were way more practical and open minded then you think, especially on insignificant things.



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