Watch: NYPD Officers Help Frum Man With Wedding Proposal at Fake Traffic Stop

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Three NYPD cops staged a fake traffic stop to help 22-year-old Yehuda Coriat propose to 20-year-old Sorah Oppen in Queens last Wednesday after a friend – Boro Park Shomrim volunteer Yoel Tyrnauer – asked officers from the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway to help the couple with the stunt.

The off-duty officers made up an accusation that they were transporting weapons and drugs in the car, and the officers made Sorah open the trunk, from which balloons popped out.

Yehuda then proposed. Sorah accepted.

May their wedding be b’shaah tovah umutzlachas.





  1. Wow, this is mamesh so Toradik. Thank you so much for showing this to the tzibbur. The chossons shorts look kind of nice. What’s pshat with the Chosson getting on his knee?

  2. Did our grandfathers and grandmothers do such things?

    Seems like a foreign custom, which should not be practiced by Torah Jews.

    • Yes! We can be totally sure that our grandfathers and grandmothers and our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers and all our Avos V’Imos all the way back to Adam HaRishon each made that exceedingly sacred moment when they decided to marry in the most very special and beautiful and enjoyable way that they could.

      For Mr. Coriat and Miss. Oppen, THIS was the way that they would experience the sacred moment as most very special and beautiful and enjoyable; the Shomrim volunteer Mr. Tyrnauer wisely realized this and thus absolutely correctly asked the three police officers to help out. They thus all did a Mitzva Raba.

  3. The police officers should be severely disciplined. They misappropriated government time and equipment for a private act; they neglected their official duties to participate in a private act; and, most significantly, they actively misused their official positions to instill in a completely innocent individual the fear of being charged with serious wrongdoing.

    • ON THE CONTRARY!! This IS a major part of the — unspoken but understood — function of the police: to give support to the functioning of the community. Furthermore, as the comment “but still” correctly points out, these three officers were not even on their job times when they did this. As to that they installed “fear” into “a completely innocent individual,” any “fear” that Miss. Oppen may have initially felt was rapidly immediately dissipated when she saw that it was all a super happy friendly joke given with true love by her wonderful boyfriend whom she thus readily agreed to marry!

    • Yes, this certainly is very similar to what happens in the children’s camp activity of “color war breakout.” I witnessed it once when I was in the Masmid program at Camp Aguda in the summer of 1973. First, there is an announcement of a certain (fake) “problem,” which intensifies over the next couple of days. Then one evening, the (pretend) “crises” sharply escalates into a heated confrontation. Out on part of the camp grounds is the camp leader, a few police officers, and a few other leading people. They are heavily arguing and shouting at each other. Suddenly, one of them declares: “THERE’S GOING TO BE WAR!!” (Someone else responds) “WHAT KIND OF WAR???” (Another one shouts out) “COLOR WAR!!!!!!!” Then the children — thrilled as ever — run off happily shouting: “COLOR WAR!!” “COLOR WAR!!”

    • (Continuation of my remark)

      The founding Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel in Baltimore, Rav Yaakov Yitzchak HaLevy Rudderman, ZT’L, spent a couple of summers at Camp Aguda. He was one of the foremost Gedolay Torah and leaders of world Jewry at that time, the chancellor of one of the major Torah academies in the world, a gigantic giant scholar of Torah who never paused from its sacred study, and an elderly man in his mid-eighties. So the members of the camp staff were very concerned that such a highly serious, devout, scholarly, older man would be greatly taken aback and abhorred at the numerous super-super-super-silly activities — like color war breakout — that are the mainstay of a children’s camp program.

      On the contrary though, Rav Rudderman was IMMENSELY PLEASED with the silly camp protocol and told the staff that what they were doing was wonderful! He further exclaimed that when he was a child in Lithuania, if they would have had camps like these — where Judaism is presented in a way that is fun and exciting and enjoyable — then very many of his friends, who, very tragically defected from the Torah path, would have instead remained in the Torah realm.

  4. I heard on the radio today the cops are going to be investigated for this. hopefully, they wont be disciplined as this is clearly all in good spirit.

  5. If they were truly off-duty, it’s of little help to them, as they would be guilty of impersonating on-duty officers, and misappropriating government clothing and equipment to do so. Tell me that the kallah was the least bit amused while this was happening. Public servants are charged with having more see saichal, if not only that they must uphold NYPD rules, which doubtless disallow their activity. I hope that they are severely disciplined for thinking that NYPD rules don’t apply to them, no matter how much they may have thought that the cause created an exception to those rules. Who are they to judge? If thinking that the rules don’t apply is reason to break them, than the rules would be meaningless, and anarchy would prevail.

  6. Foolish and improper.

    Especially in light of events of recent months.

    Two things are wrong.

    1) It should not have been done, 2) it should not have been publicized.

    NYC life is not ‘color war’ in a camp.


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