Watch: Police Seek Teens for Hate Crime in Brooklyn

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Surveillance video has caught the moments before a group of youth committed a violent act in Crown Heights, on Thursday, May 5, COLLIVE.COM.

The group, walking on Eastern Parkway on the service road between Albany and Kingston Avenues at around 2:30pm on Thursday, was captured by cameras of the SafeZone24 company.

The group of teenagers threw a brick aimed at the head of a Jewish bus driver who was driving a bus from Oholei Torah school. The video footage shows the minutes before the attack, as the teens loiter on the street and pick up a brick and a stick.

The 71st Precinct police dept is pursuing the perpetrators and investigating the incident as a hate crime. COLLIVE.COM




  1. They must be a group of innocent 12 year olds out to by some candy; just as innocent as Trayvon Martin that is. If NYC would allow its citizens the basic human right to arm for self defense, then these brick throwers wouldn’t risk getting shot. Guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens is the biggest crime deterrent.

  2. …just as innocent as Trayvon Martin that is.
    Great point! These young punks’ actions clearly and conclusively prove Trayvon Martins’s guilt! Thank you for your brilliant incite, …errr insight, Mr. Nugent.

    • If you claim that Martin was not a punk, you must be either ignorant or have a damaged values system; hopefully not both.

      • In what alternate universe do a few New York punks heaving a brick at a bus have anything to do with a Florida case?
        How can you demonstrate a logic falacy to someone who’s convinced “1 + 1 = zebra” is a brilliant argument?

  3. This wasn’t a hate crime and should not be used to justify racism. As Torah Jews, we need to be empathetic and try to understand what motivates these unfortunate youths.

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