Watch: Rabbi Delivers Gifts to More Than 100 Sick Kids in the Hospital on Dec. 25

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Millions of children across the tri-state woke up yesterday morning and found presents. But some could not be at home. They were spending the holiday in the hospital.

Rabbi JJ Hecht’s organization, Toys For Hospitalized Children, brought gifts to more than 100 sick kids Tuesday.




  1. Not impressed at all. Charity begins at home among your brothers. There are plenty of Jewish kids whom he should have handed these big gifts to.

  2. Don’t call him a Rabbi. He’s an am ha’aretz, although a well meaning am ha’aretz.

    Rav Moshe paskened that it’s assur to give gifts on Dec 25 through New Year’s. He also paskened that it’s assur to have a Bar Mitzvah during the 8 day period between Dec 25 and Jan 1. A Chasunah is a safeik.
    So much so, that many Jewish firms will give gifts a few days earlier to avoid being oiver on Uvechukoseihem Lo Seleichu.

    The reason is mainly due to the fact that this holiday predates Christianity itself and dates back to the time of Adam Harishon. It was later hijacked by the Romans and Greeks as a day to get drunk and party. Murder and larceny were permitted in this 8 day period as well. The holiday was called Calandra, latin for calender, which signified the start of the calender year. There’s much more to be said on the topic but out of time constraints I will leave it at this.


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