WATCH: Rav Dovid Pinto Visiting Rav Chaim Pinto’s Kever With Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt in Morocco



  1. Awesome! I have met rabbi pinto.
    I am interested in hearing about other people’s meetings with the rabbi pinto.

  2. As great as it is to have the son-in-law of a President of the USA walk arm in arm with a noted rabbi, the timing of this visit, during Kushner’s bid to advance his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, seems very artificial. It seems intended to convey a message of the Rav’s closeness to Kusher, that the Rav approves of Jarrod, so we Jews should too; and at the very least the visit is intended to soften Jewish attitudes toward Kushner’s future proposals, land for peace negotiations and otherwise. I think we should be very wary of this, a PR stunt, if nothing else.


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