Fire and Fury Author On Trump’s Reaction To Cohen Plea Deal: The Jews Always Flip


In a new book by Michael Wolff, the author and journalist claims President Donald Trump accused Jewish people of flipping loyalty, especially in reference to his former Jewish associates.

‘The Jews always flip,’ Trump said, according to Wolff’s upcoming book Siege: Trump Under Fire.

According to the excerpt from the book, which was obtained by The Guardian a week before its publication date, Trump made this remark after Michael Cohen, Trump Organization accountant Allen Weisselberg and American Media CEO David Pecker all made cooperating plea deals with Mueller’s team.

All three are of them are Jewish.

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  1. Why bother writing about the new book of someone whose relationship with the truth is very tenuous at best.

    His books and utterances should be classified as fiction and anyone reading them should have a salt shaker with large grains of salt at hand.

  2. Unorthodox jews in government may do odd things. Their eye should by Torah.

    Hashem is driven by the holy. Corrupt conscript may turn odd fate I think. How would a king accept the standing of vile politics.

    Odd. The writer generalizes where he has no position.

    Antisemitism because the unorthodox stand out for grave error.


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