Watch: Residents Fume Over Illegal Barricades In Midwood

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Video by Gifter Photos. Watch:


  1. It’s only going to get worse. After DeBlablio you’ll get another WOKE Dem or RINO Republican at best.
    We’re buying very little time , the wild boar is out of the barn for good.
    Listen to the message.

  2. Imature children having a tantrum. What kind of reporting is this, matzav? Did you try finding out the reason for these barriers so that we can have both sides of the story instead of a bunch of people venting about an issue they know nothing about? I cringe when I see videos like this!

    • Dear Schizophrenic 6:04pm, you are so quick to side with the Jew-hating Mayor Wilhelm, all for the sake of seeking goyishe approval. You are the one making people cringe.

  3. Go Heshy Go.
    The whole town is made up of cowards. Let them try putting up barricades on empty streets in black neighborhoods. It would not last. Vote Trump 2020

  4. 1) They * are * legal.

    2) It is great that we are seeing some efforts at traffic calming in the area. Calmer streets = calmer people = safer streets = more מנוחת הנפש.

    • Jawohl Herr DiBlasio 6:44pm, as far as legalities go, it’s not enough for a mayor or some bureaucrat to decree – you actually need a legislative branch to pass the law. In a democracy anyway; so understandably you missed that little detail, having been raised in nazi germany and all.
      As far as calmer streets go, forcing cars into more turns and into jammed up conditions is the opposite of calmer streets. Believe it or not, but the surest way to ensure that there are the least amount of cars at a given time is to allow the cars to move in the straightest realistically-possible line between points A and B, with the fastest safe speed. Having cars turning 4 additional corners just to make across 1 block, arbitrary super-low speed limits, and traffic lights fine-tuned for maximum damage to the traffic flow – that is what’s causing congestion and aggravated(and therefore more unsafe) drivers. So, maybe in nazi germany seeing more congestion and aggravation was considered “menuchas hanefesh”, but you are not in nazi germany any more.

  5. The guy interviewed, wearing the red tee shirt, was cool. Very articulate and got his point across quickly.
    Btw, Avenue K is not a major thoroughfare. After East 16th (going east) it’s basically the land of the rich and famous. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over the wealthiest amongst us. They’ll be fine. They’re all up in their summer home in the Catskills now anyway.


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