Watch: Rove Shares The Three Things Trump Needs To Do To Win 2020


Fox News contributor Karl Rove weighs in on the correlation between the booming U.S. economy and Trump’s chances at winning the 2020 presidential election.



    • Agree %100. Rove is a real Bush’y, king of the Rinos. Thank g-d, his guy Jeb lost. Rove can’t stand conservatives. Rino’s have wrought destruction on this once great land. Their white guilt capitulation to the hard left has damaged the Republican Party beyond repair. President Trump is not a Republican. He represents all of us that are upset and frustrated that our Country has been hijacked and being flushed down the toilet.

  1. Who will President Trump run against if the Democratic party will become extinct after the draining of the swamp with mass arrests hopefully soon, and 87% of the Democrats will either be behind bars (like Biden and most candidates), executed, or hanging – like Hillary predicted?

  2. You should see the warm royal welcome President Trump received in Japan, the parade and the Japanese people yelling “We love Trump” as his motorcade passes. Wow! He’s the first leader to meet Japan’s emperor but mainstream media wouldn’t have the courage to report it. And you still say that he needs certain qualifications to win in 2020? Nonsense. If, according to the NYT, in 2016 Trump won over 81% without doing anything, he should be expected to win over 90% in 2020.


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