Watch: Satmar Chassidim Protest Against Israel in Washington, DC

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    • שיר חדש… חייבים לשיר השיר בכל חתונה……….

      ריבון העולמים ידעתי תפקידי, ידעתי

      כי הנני שומע להוראת מרנן בלבד

      ולא אתייצב בלשכת הגיוס והזימה לעד

      כי עכשיו שעת גזירת השמד.

      • • •

      ריבון העולמים ידעתי רצונך, ידעתי

      ולכן בלשכת הממ”ח לא התייצבתי

      ולצבא הטמא והשמד לא התגייסתי

      ומכל חייל וחרד”ק מסריח מיד התרחקתי


      ואם גם יכוני ויאסרוני עד תמצית דמי

      ובלילה יבואו לקחתני לא אחליף את יהדותי

      מבלעדי בטחוני בבוראי

      אם לעבודת אלילים את וכלבא שווין.

      אפשר לשמוע השיר פה…

  1. What’s the big deal! So the ליידיקגייער group had a field trip! The real serious Satmar chassiddim were at work, in cheder, in kollel, doing their par excellence bikur cholim and not down there! The Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe has well over 100,000 chassiddim under his command and less than 1/100 of 1 % went to vent! These are likely the guys who have Shalom Bayis issues, unemployed and unemployable – so they had a nice trip to D.C.

    Some show of ויחן שם ישראל כאיש אחד. Nu!

  2. Matzav….no need to perpetuate the sentiment by giving publicity through this forum.
    Do u gain anything by this? Wis heads need to prevail…You are not wise.
    The world at large will never understand this paradox …so why open discussion on it.
    It is sinful.
    Please stop…

  3. Matzav
    How many headlines do you have to give this.
    Have you no scruples!!!!
    Please stop!!
    Let me see you print this.
    What is wrong with you!!!!

  4. Move on Matzav.
    Find some worthy news we are interested in and NOT news that DOES NOT SERVE OUR BEST INTEREST!
    Are you the New York slimes?

  5. 3 points
    1. if not for matzav no one would know coverage is what they want
    2 headline is misleading all the posters have a logo of a fringe org.
    3 if this was satmar it wouldnt be 100 people so headline is misleading as hisachdus DID NOT approve
    moderater; lets see if you will post the comment

  6. Another gross misguided massive chilul Hashem. The same avla they’re claiming that the Israeli government is doing, they are doing by falsely claiming the government is drafting Jews. Totally false. There’s a deferment in place and that’s your option. By not showing up, by any standard isn’t considered, them drafting Jews. Time to start teaching derech eretz. The neturei karta is no difference than korach v’adasoi and yerav’am ben ne’vat and all other machtee’ay harabim that continue to bring Jewish people into their spell to cause harm and in many cases death to Jews across the globe. There’s a special place in gehenom for these groups. Rabosai beware


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