Watch: Selichos 5779 at Suburban Orthodox Shul in MD



    • Did you also cry about yourself during Shelicos or do you only cry about others?

      I would not attend such a Shelicos but I still think it’s absolutely wonderful that such an option exists.

      When Rav Reuvain Grozovsky became Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vodaas he was horrified to see Bochurim dance on Rosh HaShona. To him, it was probably like this type of Shelicos are to a real kanoi.

      Rav Shraga Feival Mendevitch told him that in America you will have much more and much longer-lasting gain from bochurim dancing happpily to the thought of Malchus Hashem filling the world than what you accomplish by having from them shivering the entire Rosh HaShana over “Me yichye u’me yomos”.

      • The fact that there are those who are at this level is a sign of the depth of our golus. We can all cry for the Shecina IN Golus. ובא לציון גאל


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