Watch: Shiur from Rav Michoel Sorotzkin On Mechiyas Amaleik and Purim

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  1. The final teretz on bnei bonov Shel homon is unique and geoinus. If I may add that even if we were to follow the targum’s shita that Homon was Ben achar Ben and an einikle ‘min ho-av’ ; yet we could certainly say that R’ Akivo was an einikle ‘min ho-eim’ and therefore geirus helps.
    In any matzav; this is shiur is an emese’ simchas hatoira’ for Purim. ליהודים היתה אורה – זו תורה

  2. Where could one hear a shiur from Rav Sorozkin live? It says that this shiur was said in London. Any shiurim said in NY or Lakewood?
    Anyone has a contact number for him or someone who takes care of these outstanding shiurim? Please post.

  3. A big chiddush. Very sophisticated Toirah. A mixture of brisker lomdes and thinking out if the box. Very impressive and very unusual.

  4. The end of the shiur quoting the R’ Akiva Aiger about וטוב לב משתה תמיד is awesome.
    An eloquent Magid shiur has the ability to keep the listeners ‘glued’ not only throughout the interesting shiur but all the way to the last drop.
    I walked out with a unique taste…To be remembered

  5. I usually don’t listen to any shiurim on line, they are normally too long and somewhat boring. I did hear Rav Sorotzkin’s hesped on Reb Moshe Shapiro z’tzuka’l and I was sold. I listened to this shiur and I was totally captivated by the broad knowledge and the excellent delivery. Worth watching. Recommended.

  6. As we do every year we dedicate the main part of the huge Purim seuda (approx 75 participants mostly bnei Torah)to be involved in divrei torah ( “Ora so Torah”). Either we invite a choshuve speaker or we propose a interesting topic in halacha/ machshovo to be ironed out by the crowd.

    This year we decided to bring a large screen and to display these fantastic divrei-torah for the oilam. It was a major success. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. It enhanced our seuda and we all left with a sense if fulfilment and satisfaction.
    Thank you for making our Purim.

  7. It’s one of the only sophisticated and deep shiurim ever posted that ALL women could listen to and fully understand it entirely.
    Very much appreciated.

  8. They say over in the name of Reb Chaim Brisker z’l that a chisaron in Hasboro is a chisaron in Havono. If someone can’t explain something precisely, he must have a lack of clear understanding.
    We may assume that it works the other way around as well.
    If someone has the gift of spectacular Hasboro as featured in this shiur, he obviously has an outstanding Havono. This is a new level of clarity.

  9. Fascinating shiur. Very interesting to occasionally posts shiurim and Torah speeches on the site. I searched in Youtube and checked the average amount of views for each of the speakers posted by the site over the past 2 years. I learnt that the average amount of view stands at 250-300 views per shiur( ranging between 100+-500+ per) . For this tremendous speaker which you started posting his speeches and shiurim some 2 months ago, the averge amount is around 2,300 views per shiur/speech.
    I would like to suggest that you should focus on the popularity of the shiurim/speeches and target to post more shiurim which will benefit more readers/ viewers in order to serve the purpose of the site: “the Jewish world at your fingertips”. The more fingers, ears and eyes- the better.

  10. If we were to post only speeches that get over 2-3k views per speech we would end up with speeches only of Rav Michoel Sorozkin
    Donald Trump…..

  11. Just saw in a shul im Lakewood a new sefer on Yomim Tovim called “”Moadei Av” by Horav Michoel Sorotzkin. THIS FANTASTIC SHIUR IS ALSO (MOSTLY) THERE.
    I went through a few inyonim on Pessach and it is splendid- a real masterpiece “כולו מחמדים”.
    Problem: When I went to any sforim stores ( Judaica Plaza, Torah Ttreasures, Z. Berman) they don’t carry the sefer.


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