Watch: Stunningly Beautiful Kol Hanearim On Simchas Torah 5777 at Kimpetorin Home in Telz-Stone

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  1. I am curious if everyone of those present was tested to make sure they have no sickness that could be contagious to the babies. To me it looks like a bunch of people who put their minhagim before common sense

  2. To Shosh:

    Don’t you know? It is now heter-muttar to take videos on Shabbos & Yomim Tovim. You are allowed to turn off lights on Shabbos with a Shabbos switch, you are allowed to carry in the streets on Shabbos without any legitimate eruv, you are allowed to text on Shabbos with the new app, a woman is allowed to wear short skirts. Everything is heter-muttar. The world has become hefker. Everyone is afraid to criticize these sinners.

  3. Seriously matzav how r u getting these videos and who gives you a haskama to post them? This is scary. It is not the first you post clearly filmed during yom tov

  4. To gullible Sam.
    Or they could hav e24 hour security. Cameras that caught this scene or a non Jewish worker who recorded it for him/her self

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