Watch: Teaser for New Web Series ‘Kiddush Club’

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Kiddush Club is an upcoming web series about a group of young Orthodox Jews navigating the intersection of the Jewish community and the modern world.

The following is a teaser for the new series:




  1. I guess next we will have all of the Bais Yakov plays show their teasers on Matzav.
    Way to go for progress!
    I wonder what will be ten years down the road?

  2. Why would anyone be like these people? After watching this zika I wearing 2 gartels and a bigger yamilka. American Jewry is finished. I am not donating to the crowd fund. I hope they do teshva ASAP. I need a drink after seeing this.

  3. Ok, so it’s about a couple, apparently childless after a few years of marriage, who can’t afford decent lighting in their dining room (hence the crowdfunding) and consequently are experiencing shalom bayis problems, which are not helped by the overfrequent presence of older single old friends (possibly, one his and one hers) who might be looking for their own wives–or not–and who all might be overly dependent on Bartenura Rashi?
    Glad I stopped watching TV years ago.
    How about an action movie about a clueless crook carjacking a woman in a 15-passenger van carpooling her kids and their friends to 6 different yeshivas at 8:15 am in Boro Park, 16th Ave and the 40s, stuck behind a garbage truck and a construction crane with a Hatzalah truck behind her? There’s comic possibilities for you!

  4. NOTHING to be learned, NOTHING to be gained
    Some young mind watching this may think this is funny, cute, entertaining.
    It’s a shameful way to represent ANY segment of our community.

  5. So now you’re censoring my comments. How mature of you. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  6. To Let’s See, I like your idea much better than this video! Is nasty supposed to be funny? It just made me feel very uncomfortable

  7. Wide audiences? The value of a good jewish comedy might be funny, but I would hope that it is not a dud. The idea that orthodox judaism is becoming mainstream for American Jewish Religious rights might be funny in some sense if this becomes more of a paradigm for jewish humor to be expanded.

    There are clearly some television shows that have taken liberties with jewish experiences and some have touched the orthodox, but yet I have not seen a good sit-com of the orthodox jewish home that maintains the respect for G-d but might just make some jokes that might make yiddishkeit more popular among jews and favorable to have in your mood as friends in America.

    Still, one might see how that might interfere with the jewish freedom as well as alienate us in other devised antisemitism that results.

    This one Kiddish Cup seems funny and maybe it is that way. I might perhaps donate if the incentive grows. The idea of a good jewish sit-com might be funny, but for now, I have to reserve my limited ease of all charity for a good day with other more crucial charities. Still a condition to consider that this might be fun.

    Good to see if it improves our Kosher jewish menu!


  8. Glad to see a series working on connecting with the younger generation —- it’s said that we are losing so many to assimilation. I wish them much luck in trying to revive Judaism with the yonder crowd by engaging them through humor.


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