Watch: The Shocking Politics Of Covid-19



  1. I have seen a number of reports regarding the “HCQ protocol”. Every one of them with better than 99% success.
    I have yet to find a single case where it didn’t work. (in ANY country.)

    On the other hand, all the studies and tests where the HCQ DID NOT work, every one of them did NOT follow the simple protocol.
    Every single one!
    (Usually they left out the main thing… ZINC!)

    Check it out yourself.
    Whereas every single case where they did follow it, WAS INDEED VERY SUCCESSFUL.

    If somebody could find a case where the protocol did NOT work, i’d be grateful if they could provide a link.
    I’m open-minded. I want to know the truth.

    The doctor from Houston (that held the press-conference in D.C.) may be a bit of a crackpot, but this time she’s right.
    Anyway, we don’t really need her testimony. There is plenty of corroboration without her.

    • If you are referring to the African American doctor, naming her a crackpot is inappropriate and off base. She was great. Yes she was loud and expressive but she was being upfront with the frustrations doctors are experiencing today.

    • How is it that we never hear from you questioning other reports whether they are true? For instance, the WHO report above this one who are deceiving the public BEGADOL!

    • Because of the number of different sites and source that investigated and reported – check the internet. FOX35 did an initial investigation and report. From there, even the anti-Trump “SNOPES” (which has a long article spinning this to make it looks less important) still had to admit the following:

      > Snopes dug through the 49-page report line-by-line and found that at least 45 laboratories that tested for COVID-19 did not report negative test results between March and July 2020 and instead showed 100% positivity, while dozens of others reported 90% positivity and higher.

      > Public and private testing facilities are required to report their results to the DOH, which then releases a daily report covering surveillance data for every county in the state. DOH confirmed to Snopes that a number of testing labs did not report negative test results

    • As a response to Curious, why are they deleting valid evidence from social media. In America, people are entitled to think for themselves. Educators are being told to foster critical thinking skills and critical literacy. Without all the evidence, there is no research based critical independent thinking involved. Our Gemara, is based on debates and discussions with all the evidence presented…
      So if there is truth to Fauci’s warnings, hey, why the effort to delete an opposing bit of factual opinions and evidence?

  2. Funny to see this video which feels like it is from the 1980’s both in quality and in the way they dress, but they are talking about corona virus

  3. I for one am a hydroxi survivor.
    Take it before you need to be hospitalizes. I was sick for 2 weeks, 1 week with flue like symptoms and then went to get myself tested and 1 week after a positive test result. By then I was bedridden and unable to even drink. I did not get any better with a handful of vitamins and the different publicized ideas that I tried. I took the hydroxi combo was able to sit up in bed 12 hours later. The next day, my fever broke and 3 days later I was ALL better, b”h.

    This is a political fight and many people are suffering and dying needlessly.

    As Jacob Friedman writes…Show me a study where protocol was run accordingly and then we can talk. In addition, don’t run a study when the patients are already on a respirator or in organ failure. Don’t wait for that! Those that are at risk, need to be given the protocol right away. Those that are not in a risk category- wait and see if the symptoms clear up in a couple of days. No need to wait 2 weeks with all those symptoms. My doc did not want me to do anything at first – just sweat it out!!!. It will resolve itself on its own. But after I could not get out of bed for over a week and had every symptom on the list, he changed his mind.
    If there is no reported study that is run with the correct protocol and conditions, showing that it does not work, we need to have an investigation and bring to trial every politically involved physician, professor, elected official, public figure, etc. who spoke out against it or passed a law making it illegal for docs to prescribe. In addition the insurance companies who refused to cover them and the pharmacies who refused to dispense them.
    Our own Mr. Heshy Tischler, I think you can organize a legal team to go after them. You can get a job done!!!!!
    May we only hear besuros tovos!

  4. How can you responsibly post this without any knowledge of this dr’s creditably and verifying if anything he has has any validity.

  5. The cure for Covid-19 already exists and is tragically being made hard to obtain thanks to politics. The Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Zithromax protocol DOES work – and will work for the vast, vast majority of people who will take it – as long as it is given EARLY enough and not too HIGH of a dosage. (Ideally with heart monitoring, if possible.)
    I personally have a number of relatives who were very ill from Covid-19 and took this protocol and completely recovered within a short period of time. One is even elderly and has a number of underlying health issues – including diabetes. (I am aware of many others who were also cured by this protocol besides for my relatives.)
    The faulty studies that came out (trying to falsely prove that this protocol either does not work or is not safe) were either completely fabricated, or were (in most cases intentionally) using this protocol either way too late or way too high of a dosage. Pathetically enough, there are evil people in this country who are the epitome of selfishness and, for political reasons, would like the death toll and damage to the economy to be as bad as possible and are therefore trying in all sorts of nefarious ways to block people from accessing this cheap, safe cure. If you care about your life, and about the life of your loved ones (and about freedom of speech), do what you can to fight this undemocratic suppression of truth (which is downright murderous) – and do whatever it takes to obtain this protocol if and when needed (of course, with medical guidance).


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