WATCH THIS: Alter Eliezer Richter Shouted Down in Barnegat Township for Speaking Out in Defense of Traditional Marriage

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  1. He means well, but he needs to articulate a message that won’t be dismissed. The lady who spoke right after him did a much better job.

  2. Mr.Richter does his activities without guidance from a morah horah. Any and all chillul shem shamayim that results from his unguided behavior is his responsibility.

    • But you just sit on your hands, ignore kvod shomayim, and pontificate from the comfort of your armchair fressing on steaks, against those who care. You’re a rasha who would of drowned during the mabul. Yeh, why get Noach’s neighbors all upset? Who cares that HKB”H calls it toaiva? You’re a coward and you are the reason we’re still in galus. If you could only pull yourself away from your taavos for a few moments, maybe just maybe you’ll see the truth.

    • Ur wrong! If u HV a voice in government in need to let it be heard if not u are an equal accomplice to sin
      Who was Avraham Avinus moreh derech
      He just felt G-D within him and he let the world know

  3. “Divrei Chachamim Bnachas Nishmaim”, which has been translated to mean that when a chacham speaks bnachas, his words are accepted. He did anything but that.
    He could have simply stayed with the typical moral arguments. If you talk about the earthquake stuff, you have lost the audience. Simply idiotic. He blew the opportunity. Next time have a real Chacham speak rationally.

    • So where were YOU?! You talk big but YOU couldn’t be bothered to step out of your comfort zone. It obviously didn’t bother you. You didn’t go to the meeting. So now you’re criticizing someone who cared enough to attend?! What have YOU ever done to fight for kavod shomayim? You’re just a typical lazy commentor who loves to find fault with others. Nice way to prepare for the Yom Hadin.

  4. תחת אשר קנא לאלקיו ויכפר

    אשרי חלקו בזה ובבא

    Richter means a judge, someone that is right.

    That is the role R. Alter Eliezer שליט”א is filling so well here and elsewhere when he speaks old-fashioned Biblical truth to power.

  5. What was the point of this?

    Going to another city to tell them things they will never accept and some that are questionable to being with (like why Hashem sent Katrina ) is very unlikely to have a positive outcome.

    K’Shem S’Mirzvah Lomor Dovor H’Nishma Kach Mitzvah S’hlo Lomor Dovor H’aino Nishma

  6. I agree with the above 2 commenters. Talk about rational things. Keep it to moral things. Don’t talk about God’s retribution and things that these people don’t want to hear and wonty accept. And frankly things for which you are totally unqualified.You completely lost the audience when you started doing that. PLEASE get some guidance as to how to properly handle this scenario. what he did was not correct.

  7. Context is key to understanding this.

    I did some research and found the following.

    Barnegat NJ, where this took place, is in the same county as Lakewood, NJ, Ocean county, and is only twenty seven miles away.

    The Mayor of Barnegat township, Alfonso Cirulli, recently spoke out against a new NJ law requiring school districts to teach youngsters toeivah history, and called the toeivah political movement “an affront to Almighty G-d”.

    Not surprisingly, this evoked a great deal of controversy, with liberal media and toeivah activists lambasting the Mayor.

    A few days ago there was a township committee meeting with many people speaking for and against the mayor. It was in this context that the tzadik R. Alter Eliezer שליט”א went there and spoke in support of the Mayor.

    You can see more about it including a photo with R. Alter Eliezer there at

  8. Reb Alter Eliezer shlit”a is a descendant of the legendary Torah activist of yore, R. Yaakov Yosef Herman z”l, about whom the famous book “All For The Boss” was written by his daughter Mrs. Ruchama Shain a”h.

    Evidently he follows in his ancestor’s footsteps.

  9. All you naysayers, what would you have said about Yonah prophesizing to Ninveh?

    In this case, it is important to stand up while they are mandating it in the public schools because it won’t be too long in coming that they mandate it in the private schools

  10. Is this Reb Alter Daas Torah? Otherwise these things can cause more harm than good. Will he also try to convince them to be makabel the sheva mitzvos bnei noach and screaming about heavenly retribution if they don’t. Is it our job today to run around and talk like that to Goyim that have no interest in listening to us? That’s a question for Daas Torah and my gut is that he may not be guided by daas torah. Therefore his actions stand to cause more hard than good. We have enough conflict here in Golus just trying to live as yidden as it is. If he is going to stand up and threaten goyim on their turf, when we are severely outnumbered, he better have the backing of Rabbonim – sound like he only has his own backing and some other radicals – but I don’t necessarily have all the facts.

    • See the comment by “Context” above.

      “Is it our job today to run around and talk like that to Goyim that have no interest in listening to us?”

      He was supporting the Mayor of that township, who has support of local citizens, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten on the township committee in the first place, from which he was appointed mayor.

      “If he is going to stand up and threaten”

      What threaten?? Fake news! Don’t make up stories!

      “I don’t necessarily have all the facts”

      How true.

  11. “WATCH THIS: Alter Eliezer Richter Shouted Down in Barnegat Township for Speaking Out in Defense of Traditional Marriage”

    Firstly, thank You very much to Matzav for sharing this important story with us.

    I do think that the headline is somewhat misleading here, as it makes it seem like R. Alter Eliezer was rejected by everyone there, which was not the case. The crowd there was divided. Some supported the Mayor and some opposed him. Some were on the side of R. Alter Eliezer, while the sitra achara was not.

    As often happens in such cases the toeivah protestors make a lot of noise and try to silence opposing forces. But do not be fooled by all the noise, they don’t represent everyone! Additionally, the recording was not a professional one, so it doesn’t give the full story.

    Perhaps Matzav can adjust the headline accordingly.

  12. This same Mayor Cirulli has also spoken out against NJ’s recent marijuana legalization. He is a conservative religious person who is alarmed at the out of control extreme liberalism in some places, and has decided to take a public stand.


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