WATCH THIS: Boys Enjoy Unique Swimming Activity in the Catskills

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  1. While it looks so cute it is incredibly dangerous as most parents probably don’t think the water puddles near their 2 and 3 year olds are so deep. Sounds crazy but it really is scary to watch this. Its like leaving a toddler in a bathtub (which has much less water) unattended.

  2. If it’s alongside the road there also is very likely a drain or culvert hidden under the water and a kid could easily be sucked in R”L.

  3. At some point the commentators here will realize that the water is only a few inches deep and that the boys are sitting down. Look at the depth of the water by the tricycle, for example. As for the dirt, poison, and germs… seriously? You never played in mud growing up? That isn’t standing water! That’s water from recent rains.


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