Watch: Tribute to the One and Only R’ Chaim “Lobo” Silber z”l


On Wednesday, the world lost a giant. Chaim “Lobo” Silber will forever be remembered by his endless giving and genuine love he had for every member of Klal Yisroel.




  1. A wonderful man. I remember how beautifully he danced by my wedding 25 years ago, so happy at someone else’s simcha. Yehi zichro boruch.

  2. So true. Beautiful video wow. I am a young boy who knows you from shul and the community. You don’t realize what an impact you made on my life. To try to give more bc of him is something easier to try to do. But to manage to give it with the smile and Genuine Care that he gave it. From his pure heart to Another. That is something that shows a man whom put a life into growing to give in that level. He care about everyone so much! From the kids in shul he gave out free sports tickets to, to the chasanim and Simcha’s he danced energetically by, to the checks he slipped discreetly to help people with no food on the table! What a malach. Everything done with such class. Such a mentch. I’ll miss seeing you in shul as a young boy always looking up to you. You were always my role model and always will be.


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