Watch: Trump’s Efforts To Tackle Opioid Epidemic Overlooked Due To Link In Border Crisis


Charmaine Yoest says President Trump declaring the opioid epidemic as a crisis set the tone for his administration.



  1. Tell this guest to shut the hell up. Opiods only help many!!. People are committing suicides due to suffering in horrible pain. NSAIDS are terrible for stomach and those of us who have also had heart attacks to use on daily basis!!!!!!. MOST PAIN PATIENTS ARE NOT ADDICTS. WITH SUPERVISED PAIN MANAGEMENT WE ARE UNDER STRICT SUPERVISION, CAN AND WILL BE CUT OF FOR ABUSE IN MOST CASES!!! She is a self serving drug treatment owner or manager! Go after the DARK WEB it’s illegal drugs being laced with fentanyl that is killing people and people like this lady causing suicides to CPP including our veterans!!!

  2. 800,000 in overdoses or 20 plus MILLION in chronic pain?? The real crisis are people un chronic pain that have been denied access to medication that helps them.
    This is a tradgedy!!! The DEA needs to be shut down….. they are ineffective!!!


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