Watch: US Air Force Drops 8 Armored Humvees Out of a Plane From 5,000 Feet

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U.S. Airmen from the 16th Airlift Squadron at Joint Base Charleston, SC, executed an air drop of eight military convoy vehicles from 5,000 feet to a drop zone in Fort Bragg, NC, in support of Crescent Reach 16.

Crescent Reach is an annual exercise designed to test and evaluate Joint Base Charleston’s ability to mobilize and launch a large-scale aircraft formation in addition to train, process and deploy Airmen and cargo in response to a simulated crisis abroad.




  1. The C5-A (I think this one was a C-5M) is an amazing transport plane. I know several folks who have flown them, and they love it!

    Kudos to the airmen who pulled this off.

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