Watch: Boy’s Bike Brazenly Stolen in Front of Yeshiva

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A talmid of Yeshivat Ateret Torah in Flatbush, Brooklyn, was chagrined to find that his expensive new bicycle was stolen from right in front of his yeshiva.

The boy’s father, Ezra Dayan, told that his son’s Raleigh Talus was stolen from East 9th Street, between Quentin Road and Avenue P, adjacent to Ateret Torah. obtained surveillance footage of the incident. The video shows two thieves approaching the bike and then getting to work on breaking the lock and making off with the bike. The men, one of whom was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, walked right over to the bike, suggesting that they knew exactly which bicycle they wished to steal.

Anyone who recognizes the thieves or can shed some light on this theft is asked to contact or Flatbush Shomrim.




  1. When I moved to Brooklyn a few years ago, I came with a brand new bike. Rode it to work on my first day, it was stolen within two hours. Now I ride a flea market bike

  2. Unfortunately, very unfortunately and sad, you NYorkers and Jerseyites are blind to too many things.
    Why does the kid have such a targeted bike that justs asks for more trouble than the supposed benefits of hollow rewards of gatchmius?
    The world sees this as proof of everything against Jews. (Really)

    Your ignorance of the possibility that other people have intelligence, feelings, and even a worthy soul is news to you – and a major reason for our overall downfall – thank you very much baal gaivas.
    Staying the Torah coarse is the ONLY thing that keeps us living.


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