“WE DON’T WANT YOU”: Rabbi Aaron Fink Shouted Down at School Hearing

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A member of the crowd chanted “We don’t want you” Monday night at a meeting on the pending sale of a Nanuet church to a Jewish school, News12 reports.
There was an uproar at the informational meeting Monday night at Clarkstown Town Hall about the pending sale of Grace Baptist Church. Rabbi Aaron Fink, dean of Ateres Bais Yaakov in New Hempstead, purchased the property.

He spoke at a crowded informational meeting Monday about moving his private school of about 300 girls to the site on Demarest Avenue.

“We are not here to buy homes and move in to live – we are here to educate our daughters,” he said.

News12 reports that some members of the crowd said they were concerned about the school’s history. Last year, emergency crews found Fink’s school on Summit Park Road operating without electricity and water while students were inside.

“There was some insinuations that we take shortcuts for the safety of our students, which is not fair, not correct. On the contrary, we followed all of our codes – we’ve always had and always will,” Fink told the crowd.

Fink said he is now selling that property. He says he wants be a good neighbor and plans to speak with the Nanuet school district to discuss traffic concerns when they move in. News12 



  1. It is quite sad.

    Unfortunately, some people have been מחלל שם שמים and engaged in התגרות באומות, and now a heavy price is being paid.

    Responsible people will take this to heart and act responsibly.

    We need to remember that we are in golus and act accordingly.

  2. noisy hearings are part of the process similar to the mta… it also understandable that neighbors are upset that their church went down we can be empathetic and at the same time build our schools. which is what rabbi fink did . harboring on the fact that someone in the crowd said we dont want you is babyish and irrelevent , ask your grandfather if he would call that anti semitism, he would say tatele B”H you dont know what anti semitism is . matzav reporting these hearings just make the noise bigger “ain lecho yafeh min hatznius”

    • There are other videos out there of what went on at the hearing, and it is scary. What is here is not the full extent of it.

      The MTA is a government agency and has the power of the government behind it. We are not the government, we are in exile, in golus.

      Introspection is needed.

      Some mosdos have gone to places with strong opposition and later had to move. Better to think it through very well first, and consult with גדולי ישראל.

    • there are steps in the process , ofcourse the legalities and zoning were reviewed before embarking being that it was a religious center before and its across an existing school.. just helps the case. yes they can make it difficult and shlep the process. as far as traffic , you are legally allowed to add traffic as opening a mcdonalds there would to any traffic study will clearly show that buses can easily turn there is also a unloading area ..the fact that the neighbors made that their argument is because the lawyers said you dont really have a case also 400 kids is not alot at all ( no dorm , no wedding hall,…) the big question is if they will allow the full use the price seems pretty high 4.5mill being that usually these structures are razed


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