1.5 Billion People Will Be Using 5G By 2024

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The 5G wave will begin with a trickle of early adopters next year, but reach more than 1 billion subscribers by 2023 and 1.5 billion the following year.

At that point, 5G networks will cover 40% of the earth’s population and carry a quarter of the world’s mobile data traffic, according to a new report from Ericsson.

The quick spread of 5G will be the the fastest global adoption ever of a new generation of wireless technology. In addition to faster speeds, 5G offers other benefits, including minimal delay that could pave the way for things like remote operation of vehicles.

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  1. I just dumped AT&T Uverse snail internet that promised me up to 100 MBPS but delivered only 6 – 23 mbps. I got Spectrum 5G & 2G service. My computers are getting 45-100 mbps on the 2G and my cell phones are getting speeds as high as 465mbps on the 5G. I did have to buy a Netgear Router 2400 which helped speed up and extend the Spectrum service. It did nothing for the AT&T service. No, this is not an ad!

  2. BTW the 5G frequencys come from the old analog tv waves this is why amarica moved to digital to be able to resell the best frequencys to the isp


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