What’s There Not to Like About a Free Car? Leading Jewish Leasing Company Gives Back


wheels-to-leaseMost of us “like” things on Facebook without a thought, giving our “thumbs up” right and left rather inconsequentially. But imagine if “liking” something on Facebook could mean winning something worth thousands of dollars, not to mention adding a significant boost to your comfort and style?

In celebration of 20 years of serving the Jewish community with unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service, leading Jewish leasing company Wheels to Lease is giving back. And no, they’re not giving away a GPS (though there will be plenty of those handed out in future contests) and no it’s not a car wash (but join the page for tips on cleaning your car anyway). The company, which has over 30,000 families who are proud customers, doesn’t just want to, well, spin their wheels. So to fully salute their success and give back, they’re offering a free two-year lease to one lucky winner. And all that person has to do is “like” Wheels to Lease fan page on Facebook.

“We’ve been in businesses for over twenty years, and I feel like its a good time to show our appreciation to one really lucky person,” says CEO Sol Hershkop. “Tens of thousands of families keep coming back to us lease after lease. That’s a pretty big accomplishment.”

“Like” the Wheels to Lease page and you might be more than “liking” a brand new car to drive into the New Year. To enter the contest, simply go to facebook.com/wheels2lease to like the page and enter your e-mail. The winner will be announced July 31st, 2011.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Dear Matzav

    In regard to your opening line “Most of us “like” things on Facebook”.

    NO Most of us DO NOT Like facebook, and the havoc it has wreaked in the community vis-a-vis our teens and beyond!

  2. I wish them well. However, any Internet filter worth its salt is configured to block social networking sites such as Facebook.


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