White Nationalist Holocaus Denier Nick Fuentes’ Youtube Channel Is Banned For Hate Speech


The YouTube channel of white nationalist Nick Fuentes has been banned for hate speech.

Fuentes leads the Groyper Army, a group of young far-right activists who want to push mainstream conservatism towards white nationalism. He has questioned the number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust and believes that Israel has a malicious influence on US policy.

He announced that his YouTube show will continue next week on DLive, a live streaming website on blockchain.

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  1. I hate this. But I hate the jews I know for their abominations even more.

    Do we ever counter to think that the world of the holocaust denier can be wrought a trash word? Call them jaw droppers. Any jew who still eats treif might feel it worse.

    I know I am at threat. I am a jew. Who else does every day pure by our commandments. We do.

    In my health, I dare not worry. I got away from a gay vagrant last week who threatened me bodily injury. Hashem let.

    If this is the way we must live, who are the real vagrants? The rude worse are chilonei. They will rat you out for just using the word abomination. And the world just becomes a worse place their every bite.

  2. we should be all happy about this on the hand
    This is low easy bait to gain our support curtailing and corralling of slippery slope abolition of free speech On the other hand
    which is will be bound soon enough eventually come back after that we use support


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