Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Suspects Also Discussed Abducting Virginia Governor

Washington Post photo by Bill O'Leary
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Members of anti-government paramilitary groups allegedly discussed kidnapping Virginia’s governor during a June meeting in Ohio, an FBI agent testified Tuesday during a court hearing in Michigan.

Special Agent Richard Trask was part of the investigation that led to six men being arrested and charged last week with plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Seven other men face state terrorism charges.

Trask did not name Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, a Democrat, during his testimony in a federal courtroom in Grand Rapids. He said members of anti-government groups from multiple states attended the meeting.

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  1. These alleged kidnappers don’t look like serious people. No way these clowns had enough attention span to plan anything as complicated as VIP kidnapping. Sounds as some kind of FBI provocation just before an election in order to discredit Trump. Probably, the whole thing was organized by the FBI, then they offered a bunch of mental midgets to join in for glory and pride, then proceeded to dump everything on these shlimazels – classical entrapment. Trump should have fired every high ranking bureaucrat when he became a president. Trump’s real opponents are the deep state bureaucrats, Democratic politicians are just a cherry on the cake. Correction: the parasitic bureaucrats are really after *us*; Trump just just happens to be preventing them from getting to us.

  2. All these domestic “sleeper” terrorists, have been awakened; thanks to Trump’s inflammatory talk, both on national TV & at his rallies.


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