New Chareidi Party Looks to Knock Out Degel Hatorah

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rav-shachA new party in Israel will be challenging United Torah Judaism for the charedi vote.

Degel Hatorah has chosen not to include R’ Menachem Carmel, a former UTJ Knesset candidate, on its electoral list in the upcoming elections. As a result of this and other developments, a new political party has been registered. Called Netzach, the party will try to grab away votes from UTJ.

Yeshayahu Wein, editor of the HaPeles daily newspaper established by the same people behind Netzach, is one of those involved in the new party.

Netzach will probably not pass the electoral threshold of three Knesset seats, but diversion of the charedi vote could cost UTJ a seat in the Knesset.

It is not clear whether R’ Carmel will officially join Netzach. Netach, it is believed, will indeed be blamed if Degel Hatorah loses a seat.

The issues at hand have revolved around a dispute regarding who is maintaining the mesorah of Maran Rav Elazar Menachem Shach, founder of Degel Hatorah.

The outcome of the recent events is difficult to predict. The real question is how much public support Netzach will garner and whether Netzach’s efforts will destroy much of which Rav Shach, with his blood and tears, worked to establish.

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  1. Of course we should remember and reffer to what Rav Shach did, but after all said and done, the main question should be what does the majority of todays Gedolim feel like. Besides realities changing, Hashem could determain it’s time for a different type of uproach by a different type of Gadol. – ??? ?? ??? ??? ?????

    and even in Halacha we know that you should change the ‘Psak’ for the multitude when the elder Posek passes on, and a younger one is now the Poseik and holds differently. (don’t remember where the Gemara is…)

    Now I know that in this dispute there are Gedolim on both sides, but let’s not focuse on who is more accurate as to speculate what Rav Shach would’ve done in different cases, but rather who is more in line with the majority of the Daas Torah of today.

  2. and another simple point: The Gedolim of today saw and learned from Rav Shachs leadership, and they’re well aware of that. That’s the concept of ???? ??????

  3. again and again we haredim sabotage it all. Instead of working with what exists we split, seperate and compete. No ahdus whatsoever. Thats what happened with the jerusalem mayorship and then look at what happened.

    Rav Shach would have compelled the parties to work it out since everyone stands to lose. Then there wont be any serious representation in crucial times like today when ppl are planing to obliterate torah….

    what will we say at 120? im not sure…

  4. A greater danger:

    Amsellem Launches Election Campaign
    (Tuesday, October 16th, 2012)
    In his Tel Aviv press conference on Tuesday 30 Tishrei 5773, Rabbi Chaim Amsellem announced his ‘?? ???’ party will be running in the upcoming general election. The former Shas MK announced his platform, one that highlights the social economic reform as well as bringing back the “Jew of moderation that was seen in the house of abba and ima”.

    Amsellem feels that there are many chareidim that view him as a bridge between the different segments of society and he plans to address the social issues that have been ignored for too long. He spoke of the residents in development areas, the municipalities that have been ignored for too many years. He explained that only a chareidi individual will reach the chareidi tzibur, drawing on the success of the late Tommy Lapid whose Shinui Party earned 15 seats but lacked support from chareidim, which he is confident he will earn.

  5. To #1: Sorry but it does not matter too much what “you” are sure of. What matters is what the current Gedolei Yisroel in E”Y believe.

  6. This machlokes and others within UTJ is only going to reduce the amount of MK for the Charedi parties. Good idea to copy the Ich Habayit and Mafdal parties and band together for a powerful response.

  7. I was so proud of Matzav for ignoring the rumblings of the disgruntled wannabes who have been using Rav Shmuel Auerbach’s questioning of certain decsions of the Degel HaTorah Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah as a springboard to become “machers” and advance their personal agendas. This is what led to the founding of HaPeles: an act of “pirud” denounced by Rav Shteinman and Rav Chaim Kanievsky in the strongest terms.

    Unfortunately Matzav has now reported on this rift within the Degel family and on the wish of the HaPeles faction to destroy Degel HaTorah. Let us pray the genie can be stuffed back in to the bottle this time and Matzav will give these troublemakers no further press coverage.

    For the record: Matzav readers should know that both the elder Gadol, Rav Shteinman, and the younger Gadol, Rav Auerbach, continue to speak of each other in the most glowing of terms and with the derech eretz one would expect from such tzadikim. The trumped up reports of irreconcilable differences we are hearing is the result of the machlokes taking place on a FAR LOWER LEVEL! Unfortunately, the HaPeles tumulers know how to take advantage of Rav Shmuel’s pure nature and while he learns 20 hours a day and is oblivious to their nefarious doings they are promulgating the destruction of the Degel faction established by Rav Shach as the political arm of the olom hatorah.

  8. Cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up cover up! What Matzav does best! What a shame! You could’ve been a great website. What a bunch of small minded pipsqueks!

  9. Amazing how much rechilus and lashon hara is said in the name of “openness”. How noble not to be a “small minded pipsqueak” and spread about the stuff of machlokes….

    #10, go to other sites if you want the shmutz and all the anonymity of pashkevilin. We who appreciate Matzav want none of it!

  10. News is news, yes? This is a development that could have a major impact on the elections. We should know about it. Having a difference of opinion and a different political approach is legitimate. These politicians are arguing about real differences with real consequences for the country. People should know what is happening so they can vote intelligently.

    Stating differences is fine. Name-calling isn’t. Making stuff up isn’t. This is a machlokes “l’shem shomayim.” The Gedolim themselves are acting properly, even though they disagree. Their followers should do the same.


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