Women to get 4 of 11 Seats in Dayanim Committee


knessetThe Knesset passed, in the final readings, a law that mandates that four of 11 members of the committee that selects dayanim must be women.

Four of the committee’s members are government representatives: two ministers, and two MKs. Another two are representatives of the Bar Association. The law now stipulates that these “pairs” will be made up of one man and one woman each, thus guaranteeing three women in the committee.

In addition, the committee, which currently has ten members, will be enlarged to 11, and the additional member will be a toenet rabbanit – a female rabbinical advocate – who is appointed by the Justice Minister.

The law was debated for hours on end in the Knesset plenum, because all of the hareidi MKs presented objections to it, and many of them utilized the full 30 minutes that they were afforded, in order to speak against the change. The final vote took place at about 4:00 a.m.

Read more at ARUTZ SHEVA.

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  1. And the next step will be
    that women who represent the
    fragile edge of Judaism will be
    impacting important decisions
    A politically correct step in the wrong direction

  2. rasha’im

    Of course It was pushed along by the modox

    which reinforces this modox dicta:

    Left are reform
    Center are conservative
    Right are orthodox


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