Yeger Claims Decrease In Garbage Collection Is Deliberate Punishment Of Jewish Schools


A reduction in the garbage pickup schedule for Borough Park schools has left mountains of trash bags piled on the sidewalk, big enough to dwarf students passing by.

“It is a disgrace what has become of our district. @NYCSanitation refuses to service yeshivas in our community. Every community deserves to be clean and get basic service from the city. This cannot be allowed to continue,” Community Board 12, which includes Borough Park, tweeted in September, along with photos showing massive mounds of black garbage bags.

City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who represents the neighborhood, claimed that scaling back on the pickups was “a deliberate decision” by Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia “to harm our community. I know because she told me,” Yeger tweeted.

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  1. If this would be the only getting even. What happened that now they only pick up the garbage when kids go to school? They turn the neighborhood into a parking lot. What about the missing pickup schedules for a week? Like recycling skipping a week.

  2. Poster #1, could it be because Hikind is not there anymore to holler and call it outrageous! Because Hikind can’t become appalled anymore?

    On my block they pick up recyclables during the night and they don’t pick up everything neatly put out! Also, they throw the cans all over. My brand new heavy duty TOTEM can has a broken cover! They’re totally disrespectful! de Blasio administration is soon over! Can’t be soon enough!

  3. Something seems missing here.

    If it was an attempt to deliberately mistreat Jewish or Hasidic schools, why would it only be limited to B.P.? There are other neighborhoods with similar Hasidic or Orthodox Jewish schools in NYC too. Are they similarly affected? If not, why not?

    What relevant information was left out of this story?


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