Yeshivas Ruach Chaim of Flatbush to Close This Coming Year

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Yeshivas Ruach Chaim of Flatbush has informed its parent body that it will not be reopening after the summer for the coming school year.

Yeshivas Ruach Chaim was founded in 1995 by the rosh yeshiva, Rav Simcha Klor, and provided a superb chinuch to its talmidim for almost 25 years. Unfortunately, financial realities are forcing the cheder to close its doors.

Ruach Chaim’s hanhalah is working with Yeshiva Torah Temimah to place many of their talmidim there as the best local yeshiva option for them.

The hanhalah of the yeshiva includes Rav Simcha Klor, rosh yeshiva; Rabbi Buruch Mordechai Klein, Menahel; Rabbi Moshe Estreicher, Pre 1A – Mechina; Rabbi Shlomo Unger, 1st Grade; Rabbi Sholom Kugelman, 2nd Grade; Rabbi Simcha Jackobovitch, 3rd Grade; Rabbi Shiye Rosen, 4th Grade; Rabbi Yoel Weingarten, 5th Grade; Rabbi Yochonon Cohen, 6th Grade; Rabbi Yehoshua Birnbaum, 7th Grade; and Rabbi Avrohom Weinreb, 8th Grade.



  1. The children will be well cared for and adequately provided. But what of the poor Rabbeyim who have dedicated their lives to bring up a dor of ehrlich yidisha kinderlich: where will they go? What of their families? Who’s looking out for them? Uy vey!

  2. I have no connection to Yeshivas Ruach Chaim but it’s sad to hear that a yeshiva is closing down.

    May the Talmidim, Rebbeim and parents see much continuing and growing hatzlacah in wherever they turn afterwards.

    May the Yeshiva live on in the memories of the current and former talmdim as a perpetual positive influence in their lives.

    And as someone with no connection to the Yeshiva I still thank it for all it has contributed to klal Yisroel over the years.

  3. Rabbi weinreb is a super star rebbe. I’m sure he will get grabbed by another yeshiva. He did such an amazing job with my son and many other of his talmidim

  4. i am forever indebted to Rabbi Weinreb shlita. my son had him last year then went on to chaim berlin . warmest rebbe and builds up talmidim with loads of confidence . Rabbi Klar is a tzadik too . This is a huge loss for the flatbush kehila.

  5. As a former talmid of the Yeshiva 14 years ago and as someone who was of the 1st talmidim of the Yeshiva when it opened this saddens me tremendously.

    Rabbi Klor, Rabbi Sabo and both their Rebbetzins not only provided a place of learning for me, but they assisted a boy that many Yeshivos would have given up on. Their warmth and their smiles will always be the Yeshiva’s legacy to me. Many Rabbanim can teach. It’s the special ones that are Mechanchim, giving their talmidim skills to enable them to not only know their learning, but to LIVE it!
    A HUGE thank you to all the hanhala of Yeshiva Ruach Chaim!

    All the best,

    Menachem Schreiber


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