Yitzchak Herzog Assured U.S. Won’t Back Down on Iran

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john-kerry-and-opposition-chairman-yitzchak-herzogSenior White House officials told Israeli Opposition Chairman Yitzchak Herzog on Tuesday that “there will be no compromise on Iranian nuclear matter.” Ynet reported that at the meeting, Herzog told White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken that he appreciated “the American position, which understands that one threat does not cancel out the other.”

The three senior officials discussed the threats posed by the Islamic State and Iran, as well as other geopolitical matters like Operation Protective Edge and the stalled peace process with the Palestinians.

The meeting took place on the eve of a major address by US President Barack Obama regarding the American strategy against the Islamic State.

Ynet reported that after the media reported extensively about the possibility that Iran will cooperate with the US in the fight against ISIS, Herzog’s hosts made it clear that despite the global cooperation, the US does not intend to be more flexible regarding the Iranian nuclear project.

“The Iranian nuclear project poses a threat to Israel and the whole world and we shouldn’t compromise on that issue. The fight against ISIS, despite its central importance to the international community, doesn’t minimize the danger of Iran’s nuclear weapon,” said Herzog. “Although the Israeli government insists on repeatedly quarrel with the American administration, I found that within the White House there are attentive positions towards Israel; there are those who understand the situation and Israel’s interests and give it full support,” added Herzog and thanked his host for their support during Operation Protective Edge, Ynet reported.

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  1. I would prefer that the unnamed socalled White House Officials made the aforesaid statements in person in statements before the Israeli Knesset(both those in power and in the opposition).It is shameful that those opposition members are willing Lackeys to convey messages that have no basis in fact.Its too bad that the Herzog name is defiled in such a manner


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